Solarpraxis Engineering GmbH launched

Solarpraxis AG creates new subsidiary

Berlin, January 16, 2014. New energy service provider Solarpraxis Engineering GmbH was launched on January 1, 2014. The former engineering division of Berlin-based Solarpraxis AG, a knowledge service provider for renewable energy, has now begun trading as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company. Its CEO is Felix Eichhorn, who has been a prominent figure in the solar industry for ten years through his work at firms including thin-film module manufacturer Soltecture and systems wholesaler SEN Solare Energiesysteme Nord. By becoming an autonomous spin-off of the Solarpraxis group, the subsidiary is able to react even more swiftly to the rapidly changing market conditions in the solar industry. At the same time, the engineering division – which has grown continuously in recent years – should consequently be better able to position itself in the market under its own brand.

Solarpraxis's engineering division has advised manufacturers, wholesalers, planners, investors and system constructors on photovoltaics, solar thermal technology, combined heat and power plants, heat pumps, pellets and energy efficiency for over 15 years. "We are continuing to provide both our longstanding industrial clients and new customers with high quality services through our reliable team," explains CEO Felix Eichhorn. "The new structure allows us to create specialist teams that are even better suited to each individual project. This means that we are able to react with greater flexibility to our clients' wishes and implement them with the best results."

"The products and services provided by Solarpraxis's engineers have played a role in driving forward development in the solar industry for many years," underlined Solarpraxis AG Chairman Karl-Heinz Remmers. "In our capacities both as expert consultants and planners, we have been involved with photovoltaic installations boasting a total output of over three gigawatt peak. This transition from a division to an autonomous subsidiary is therefore an important and logical step in guaranteeing the best possible service for our clients."

Solarpraxis Engineering GmbH comprises a team of 16 engineers offering comprehensive solutions for renewable energy and energy efficiency in the fields of system planning, technical marketing, expert reports and plant operation. Within the scope of system planning, the team implements all steps required to produce the fully finished system – from DC/AC planning, through supervising construction to final quality controls. Technical marketing involves developing system solutions such as planning software and interactive assembly instructions. In addition, the team develops and writes documents such as planning manuals in line with the standards and legislations relevant to the manufacturing industry. In their capacity as white-listed, TV-certified consultants, the Solarpraxis engineers compile expert reports for banks, insurers, investors and operators. These include assessments of yield, glare, damage and direct/self-consumption, as well as covering handover inspections and declarations of conformity. Plant operation has also recently been added to the portfolio as a result of increased market demand. This service is primarily intended for operators of ground-mounted PV systems.

About Solarpraxis Engineering GmbH
Solarpraxis Engineering GmbH was launched on January 1, 2014. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Berlin-based Solarpraxis AG, a knowledge service provider for renewable energy. It employs 16 engineers in the fields of system planning, technical marketing, expert reports and plant operation. Solarpraxis was founded in 1998 by Karl-Heinz Remmers and Kay Neubert. As one of the leading consulting and service providers in the renewable energy industry, the group employs more than 70 members of staff in the areas of publishing and conferences, public relations, new media and communications design.

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