Spanish developer and manufacturer achieves another important milestone in its aim to take a leading role in the UK distributed wind market with first installation of its pioneering 100kW turbine near Llandrindod Wells, Mid Wales

Powys, 23rd January 2014 – Norvento, an independent, medium-scale wind turbine manufacturer, has successfully erected its first nED100 turbine on British soil as it seeks to make a major impact on the UK distributed wind energy industry.

In a market conventionally reliant on old-fashioned geared turbines, the nED100's direct drive technology, containing no hydraulic systems, brings a breath of fresh air to the sector. This design eliminates moving parts such as the gearbox and negates the risk of oil leaks. The nED100 is set to bring the reliability of large-scale wind to the medium distributed wind sector.

The first nED100 turbine in the UK was approved by Powys County Council and erected on 23rd January 2014. It incorporates exclusive variable pitch and speed control systems allowing it to achieve maximum efficiency in any wind conditions. The multi-pole permanent magnet synchronous generator and overall integrated design gives the nED100 a mechanical efficiency greater than 99%.

The design of the nED100 was conceived not only to achieve maximum efficiency and reliability but also to minimise noise levels. The reduction of moving parts, coupled with the excellent aerodynamic design of the blades and nacelle, makes Norvento's turbine exceptionally quiet. Furthermore, nED100 can operate in a low noise mode, a unique feature in the medium-wind sector that reduces acoustic emissions, specifically targeted at noise sensitive areas.

The technological advances of the turbine also play a crucial role in the unrivalled customer service and warranty package that Norvento offers. An advanced IGBT Full Power Converter in combination with full-electrical pitch and speed controls allows full governance of the turbine while maximising energy production, allowing Norvento to offer an unmatched 95% Power Curve Guarantee to its customers.

Furthermore, the inherent safety of the turbine, ensured by a triple braking system, is supported by thorough monitoring technology that enables detailed remote diagnosis and repair (an optional 24/7/365 monitoring service is available). This facility is backed up by a clear and transparent Availability Guarantee, ensuring minimum hassle should a fault happen.

The very low noise levels of the nED100, in combination with these product and service guarantees, were crucial to the landowner's decision as Norvento fended off competition from rival manufacturers and developers for the Powys site.

"The UK distributed wind market is in good health," said Ivo Arns, Director of Business Development, Norvento. "However the sector still suffers from an over-dependence on outdated technology."

"Part of our challenge is to convince landowners and would-be independent energy generators that innovative, efficient and, above all, reliable turbines are now available."

"There's a lot to be learnt from our counterparts in large-scale wind – not least that a long term commitment to effective after sales support yields positive results and ultimately will drive the industry forward."

The installation in Llandrindod Wells is part of a portfolio of leased sites that Norvento is building in the UK. It is also the first of five consented sites scheduled for installation during the first few months of 2014. Norvento is close to finalising a distributor network to sell its turbines nationally.

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