1 MW Commercial Solar Ground Mount Completed in Mexico

"This project reflects the ramp-up for solar deployment in Mexico and an achievement for Advanced Energy in cementing ourselves in a key emerging market"

Hermosillo, Mexico – January 28, 2014 – SK Solar and Creotecc Solar Mounting Systems announce the completion of a 1 MW solar ground mount array for a large national retail chain in Mexico.

The 1 MW CREOTERRA fixed ground mount system was installed in just 10 days by a 12-man crew, and features Solon modules and Advanced Energy (REFUsol) inverters.

"We were very pleased to have Creotecc as our partner. The efficiency of their racking system, along with the logistics and training they provided, made for a very successful project," says SK Solar CEO Boris von Bormann.

Creotecc was responsible for coordination and training of racking assembly for crews from SK Solar and Solarscape. SK Solar was responsible for engineering, layout, pile driving, mounting system assembly, panelization, and DC and AC wiring.

The flat land provided good ground for pile driving, and heavy equipment was limited to the pile driving machine and a forklift to unload and distribute the aluminum rail and modules.

"This project reflects the ramp-up for solar deployment in Mexico and an achievement for Advanced Energy in cementing ourselves in a key emerging market, which was a primary goal when we decided to acquire REFUsol and its three-phase string inverter line in April last year," said Gordon Tredger, President of Advanced Energy Solar Energy. "We applaud the design and engineering expertise of our partners, SK Solar and Creotecc, and the successful and timely completion of this project in this emerging solar market."

This installation is the first phase of a 6 MW project.

About SK Solar:
Founded in 2003, SK Solar has designed and installed over 80MW of solar systems internationally. Building on the company's experience in wind and hydro power, SK Solar has been helping customers be more successful by offering technologies that improve solar production and systems that deliver long-term financial benefits.

About Creotecc : Creotecc is a global mounting systems manufacturer, specializing in clamp-free ground mount systems. With over 600 MW installed worldwide since 1999, Creotecc's mounting systems feature an innovative insertion rail design which reduces labor time and alleviates stress on modules. Creotecc is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BayWa r.e. renwable energy (BayWa r.e.), which acts as a holding company for various business interests in the areas of solar, wind energy, bio-energy, and geothermal energy.

About Advanced Energy:
Advanced Energy (Nasdaq: AEIS) is a global leader in reliable power conversion solutions used in
thin-film plasma manufacturing and solar energy generation. Founded in 1981, Advanced Energy
is headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado with dedicated support and service locations around
the world. For more information, go to www.advanced-energy.com.

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