Applied Energy Solutions Featuring New Battery Charging Solutions at MODEX 2014

Applied Energy Solutions, a provider of energy charging solutions, will be showcasing many of its industrial battery chargers at the MODEX 2014 Supply Chain Expo and Convention, including its recently released Lithion Ion Superion™ Charger and Maverick™ High-Frequency Fast Charger.

Caledonia, NY February 04, 2014

As a recent recipient of MHI's "Innovation Award" for 2014, Applied Energy Solutions recently announced that it will be exhibiting its battery charging solutions at MODEX 2014, MHI's supply chain conference. The expo will include over 800 exhibits, 150 educational seminars, and three keynote speakers over the course of four days (from March 17th to 20th) in Atlanta, Georgia. As a leading provider of charging solutions at the conference, Applied Energy Solutions will be featuring its award-winning Lithium Ion Superion™ Charger and its Maverick™ High-Frequency Fast Charger, along with many of its other innovative products.

MODEX 2014 attendees can choose to participate in a variety of educational sessions that will cover the latest manufacturing and supply chain trends and technologies. Participants will be able to gain valuable insight into manufacturing and distribution operations from industry professionals that provide solutions for every aspect of supply chain management. As a provider of industrial battery charging applications for forklifts, pallet jacks, and other battery powered transportation equipment, Applied Energy Solutions (AES) will be presenting its latest innovations at Booth #1319 on all four days of the expo.

The company manufactures high-quality, American-made battery charging applications, and has recently released several new products that offer opportunity- and fast-charging capabilities. The Superion™ Lithium-Ion charger and battery pack received MHI's Innovation Award in 2014 for its ability to provide pallet jacks with more energy-dense and cost-effective battery power than the traditional lead acid battery. The lithium ion technology is maintenance-free, has a quick rate of recharge and requires less energy to do so, saving companies money on electricity while delivering a powerful source of energy. The Maverick™ High-Frequency Fast Charger uses an insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (GBT) to return more energy at a lower cost than low-frequency conventional chargers.

Applied Energy Solutions helps companies maximize efficiency utilizing its ground-breaking charging equipment. The AES employees manning the booth during the expo will provide personalized insight to help attendees select the right products for their company. Along with showcasing its featured products at the MODEX expo, AES personnel will also be sharing their expertise to guide participants on complying with safety standards, meeting green energy target levels, and lowering operational costs.

For more information on Applied Energy Solutions or its innovative product lines, go to: To find more information on AES's exhibit at MODEX 2014 or on the event, visit

About Applied Energy Solutions
Applied Energy Solutions manufactures industrial battery chargers for forklifts, pallet jacks and other battery powered transportation equipment. AES makes all products in the USA from design, manufacturing and sub-assemblies to interconnect and final assembly. With a full product offering for every application, AES specializes in fitting the proper battery charger for the application need. Applied Energy Solutions manufactures products for high frequency charging, cold storage, rapid charging, opportunity and multiple-shift charging.

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