Elster EnergyICT's EIServer™ version 9.1 is a future-ready MDC-MDM system designed to accommodate smart grid applications and new market needs

Kortrijk, Belgium, February, 04, 2014 ó Elster has announced the availability of a major new release of its industry-leading EIServer™ platform. EIServer version 9.1 is an end-to-end meter data collection (MDC) and meter data management (MDM) solution designed to provide utilities with high performance and cost-effective scaling for residential and C&I deployments. With support for core MDC-MDM industry standards, the EIServer platform's unique versatility allows utilities to choose the integration model that best fits their needs, whether in specific standalone configurations for Head End, MDC and MDM applications, or as an end-to-end integrated solution.

With a growing number of utilities piloting applications such as prepayment smart meters, electric vehicle charging solutions, and cloud-hosted platforms, meter data volumes are rising and use cases becoming more complex. Elster's EIServer version 9.1 includes support for new access security and topology configurations, extended device management options, and the ability to load multiple profiles from meters. This simplifies management of myriad device types and ensures compatibility with multi-vendor environments and new security models. In addition, an enhanced web portal with management dashboard incorporating standard Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for data collection, validation, and exception-based reporting enables utilities to lower their operational costs through powerful automation and maximum efficiency.

"Elster's EIServer version 9.1 has been designed specifically to support utilities needing to meet new market demands as smart metering rollouts gather pace across Europe and worldwide," says Dimitri Degraeve, Head of Product Management Software and Services, Elster. "In the residential and C&I metering environments, use cases will become more complex and demand high performance and scalability. EIServer addresses these challenges by providing a simple and scalable system for managing different device types simultaneously and accommodating multi-vendor performance while enabling utilities to move towards a common information model."

EIServer version 9.1 is available as an ISO 27001 certified cloud-hosted platform or on premise solution that is both secure and highly configurable to meet the specific market needs of utilities. It supports IEC 61968-9 CIM, the industry standard for meter reading and control, and CIM IEC 61970, the enterprise integration standard ensuring interoperability between different utility systems. This provides a flexible and seamless integration with any enterprise architecture. It also supports more than 180 device protocols, as well as DLMS (Device Language Message Specification) and ANSI C12, the core international standards providing the interface between devices and meter collection points.

"Utilities choose Elster's EIServer for the cost and efficiency benefits a vertically-integrated MDC-MDM platform delivers, the flexibility it gives in terms of integrating seamlessly with existing business processes, and its scalability in handling large volumes of devices and data," continues Degraeve. "Crucially, EIServer offers our existing customers an optimal upgrade path that ensures their investment with a truly multi-vendor, open platform that provides a future-ready model for accommodating new device types and upcoming smart metering use-cases and challenges."

About Elster
Elster delivers complete Smart Grid and Energy Management Solutions that drive energy efficiency, operational improvements and cost savings for utilities, commercial and industrial customers and consumers. Elster uses its speed and agility to drive interoperability and open standards and strategically collaborates with customers and partners.

Its end-to-end electricity, water and gas offerings include advanced meters/sensors, secure communications, and data collection, management and analytics. Elster is dedicated to customer success in more than 130 countries through Elster's professional integration services, technical support and training.

For more information about Elster, please visit www.elster.com and follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/Elster_Global.

Jan Verplancke, Marketing & Communications Manager EMEA-APAC
+32 56 245 690, jan.verplancke@elster.com

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