The Solar Powered Vehicle that Rides Like a Bicycle

The revolutionary NTS SunCycle delivers on that promise with a highly efficient solar panel that boosts human pedal power.

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., Feb. 5, 2014


The dream is to have a vehicle that can run on free energy delivered by the sun. The revolutionary NTS SunCycle delivers on that promise with a highly efficient solar panel that boosts human pedal power. The SunCycle has two wheels like a bicycle, but by design it aims to replace cars and trucks for short errands. The solar panel is integrated on an aerodynamic cargo hold that efficiently cuts through wind with almost no wasted energy. Solar energy and a rider's pedal power are blended together to propel the vehicle. Not only do riders save money and help the environment, but riders can control the amount of pedaling effort to achieve the perfect workout. Excess solar energy is stored in a new battery technology called the Lifetime Rebuildable Battery. When the sun isn't shining, the battery can be charged on any wall outlet and is large enough to provide an average range of 25 miles. The bikes electric hub motor can be controlled to provide more assistance when climbing hills and less assistance when descending. The rain-proof and lockable cargo container is large enough to fit eight bags of groceries or two airline carry-on suitcases.

Electric bicycle shops owners have told us they have a more than a 50 percent electric bicycle failure rate after the first year. With more than 200 million electric bicycles in use worldwide, this is a potential major environmental problem. The Lifetime Rebuildable Battery technology is significant because it can be rebuilt and upgraded for a lifetime of service. To show its safety and durability, NTS Works has demonstrated a car being parked on the battery. Universal battery packs with this technology will be made available for consumer purchase later this year.


Neal and Lisa Saiki are the founders of NTS Works, a start-up company based in Santa Cruz, Calif. They were the founders of Zero Motorcycles, the leading producer of electric motorcycles.

Where and When:

*Neal will be available for media interviews to talk about the bikes and his experience as founder of NTS Works, and his technical and business background as founder of Zero Motorcycles.

*Neal can be reached via email: or by contacting Michael Coates at 408.399.9081 or

Why – The Technology story:

*The bicycle is the most efficient form of transportation in the world. At similar speeds, it takes less energy to ride a bicycle than to walk. Combining new solar panel technology with a bicycle produces a practical vehicle that can be propelled by the sun.

*The battery technology is called the Lifetime Rebuildable Battery. Originally designed for large applications like cars and motorcycles, it comes with a lifetime rebuild warranty under which the battery can be rebuilt and upgraded with the latest battery technology for half the cost of a new battery. The design is patent pending.

*The solar panel puts out three times more power than lower quality solar panels. It is rated for 60 watts of power and weights only two pounds. Eight hours of solar charging is enough to fully completely charge an empty battery.

*The SunCycle's revolutionary steering system rides like a regular bike, but carries cargo low over the front wheel. The patent-pending steering mechanism – unlike anything currently available in the biking world – places the cargo load directly over the front wheel for the best possible balance, handling and maneuverability in tight urban environments.

*NTS Work's is launching a full line of products including the NTS PickupCycle and NTS LockerCycle. The NTS PickupCycle is the base model with an open cargo bed for carrying oversized cargo or children. The NTS LockerCycle has a lockable storage compartment like the NTS SunCycle, but without solar power.

Entrepreneur story:

*Neal Saiki is the founder of Zero Motorcycles, a successful electric motorcycle company, and a proven innovator in designing electric vehicles, bicycles and motorcycles. Neal also has 25 years of bicycle industry experience and has applied his knowledge to designing the most efficient vehicles in the world.

*Among his many accomplishments, he also holds the World Aviation Record for designing the first human powered helicopter to ever achieve a hover.

*NTS Works has five patent applications in process and Neal has set a goal of 50 patent applications the next five years.

Environmental story:

*The products developed by NTS Works are aimed at both consumer and commercial use. They are on the leading edge for environmentally sound local delivery in urban areas. They offer zero emissions, pedal power with an electric assist (for hills, etc.), new battery technology and a new, smart way to deliver goods in congested urban centers.

*Urban planners in the U.S. are expanding the role of bicycles every year and there is an increasing demand for bicycles that can be used for delivery. European and Asian businesses commonly use gas engine scooters for delivery and these products are aimed at replacing them.

Coolness story:

*The development of NTS SunCycle has been done mostly in secret, but the few times it has been in public it has drawn crowds of people; drivers have actually pulled off the road to look at it. We believe it is something that consumers have been waiting for. Solar powered vehicle races have taken place since 1985, but they have not produced practical vehicles for consumers to buy.

*A current trend in our society is that young people ("millennials") do not have a love affair with cars like previous generations. These products are aimed squarely at the slow transformation away from reliance on cars as our main mode of transportation in urban centers.

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