Success of Solar O&M conference highlights the importance and potential of topic

First dedicated Solar O&M Conference in North America hitting big numbers with over 200 professionals attending


The North American utility scale solar market has witnessed remarkable growth. The past five years have seen an exploding increase in the capacity of large scale solar added to the grid and the number of large solar power plants that are being announced is still on the rise. Utility scale solar power plants now provide an important and undeniable energy contribution to the electricity grid.

The immense size of this industry segment means it now has to face another important challenge: keeping these systems running up to standards and maintaining efficiency and profitability. Especially in the case of ageing plants, that are nearing the end of their warranty coverage, this is a vital matter of business. According to GTM Research, the global operations and maintenance market for megawatt-scale PV plants will total 146GW by 2017.

This need for managing portfolios of residential, commercial and utility scale solar assets has created a relatively new sector within the solar industry: solar PV operations and maintenance (O&M). In order to serve, inform and connect this new industry segment, Solarplaza has brought to life a series of conferences specifically focused on this single topic. After a very successful edition in Europe in October 2013 (scheduled to return in October 2014), Solarplaza will bring this formula to North America and organize the first fully dedicated Solar PV O&M conference in San Francisco and 25 and 26 March 2014.

With over 200 professionals attending, this event is already a big success, contributing to the formation and solidification of the solar O&M industry in North America. Among the registrants are top-level decision makers from solar O&M (solution) providers (Alectris, meteocontrol, True South), asset managers (Fiera Axium, Radian Generation), solar developers (juwi, First Solar, Recurrent Energy), energy utilities (PG&E, APS), research experts (GTM Research, TV Rheinland, EPRI) and many other industry executives.

This 2-day conference and exhibition provides you the opportunity to learn from the industry's top experts, deepen your insights into the different perspectives and accelerate your solar business development. Attending this conference is a highly efficient investment towards better understanding of O&M opportunities, an improved O&M contract and higher financial returns for your solar PV plants.

Other scheduled editions of this conference series are the Solar O&M Europe conference in October 2014 in Milan and the Solar O&M Conference Asia (of which the precise date and location are yet to be determined).

About the Solar O&M North America conference and exhibtion

Operations & Maintenance of PV plants is starting to become an issue in the US and this asks for a high level conference, fully dedicated to this topic. Solarplaza will bring together demand and supply of O&M (related) services at this focused two-day event. A small exhibition is attached to both conference days, this offers a perfect opportunity to showcase your products and expertise. For more information, please see:

More information about these experts and the conference can be found at

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