RevoluSun's First Franchise Turns Up the Power

Celebrated passing the 100th installation mark

BOSTON--As RevoluSun's first franchise, the Massachusetts operation is growing fast, having just celebrated passing the 100th installation mark. The Burlington, MA office is excited to offer customers leasing options for solar PV systems this year as well. Massachusetts' PV market continues to gain momentum through a combination of strong state incentives and a recent 21 percent increase in residential electricity rates.

"The solar energy credits in our state make it financially affordable to harness renewable solar power," relates Kip George, President of RevoluSun Massachusetts. "We did a lot of educating last year, explaining that solar really will work here year-round. Snow is translucent allowing light through and our summer days see light until 9 p.m. so we have ample amounts of sun to power homes." George adds that he thinks now that the education has begun, they will see a big explosion this year as more Massachusetts folks believe in solar power.

An industry veteran and master electrician, Kip George started his own company, Northeast Electrical Inc. of Burlington, 20 years ago. He oversees 30 employees and is happy to leverage RevoluSun's experience with more than 4,500 successful solar installations. "I have multiple layers of support as a franchisee with RevoluSun," he explains. "They are saving us a huge learning curve because whenever I hit a hurdle I can call them and they have already been through it and can help me navigate. They are a great company to work with. We share the same philosophy of always doing what's right for the customer, which will lead to a sustainable future and an impeccable reputation throughout the industry."

Doug Pierce originally worked at the Hawaii RevoluSun and is now working in the Business and Project Development side of the Massachusetts franchise. "The Hawaii and Massachusetts markets are different in many ways," Pierce says, "but the common emphasis of quality installations is valued by our customers in both locations."

About Kip George

Kip received his degree from Franklin Institute of Technology and has a Master Electrical License. When he's not overseeing solar panel installations or educating homeowners about the economic benefits of solar power, he is typically doing charity work. This year will mark Kip's 14th running of the Boston Marathon, bringing his total donations raised to more than $100,000. He's also a former member of Boston Children's Hospital Advisory Board.

About RevoluSun

Committed to empowering the world, RevoluSun makes solar energy affordable and attractive for every homeowner and business. Headquartered in Honolulu with offices in Hawaii and Massachusetts, RevoluSun has developed thousands of photovoltaic systems generating more than 40 MW of energy. RevoluSun's extensive network of trusted alternative energy partners and community-oriented philosophy make RevoluSun the leading choice for forward-thinking homeowners. The organization's proprietary software platform RiSE™ provides a complete management system for a photovoltaic integrator's business from sales to operations and construction.

RevoluSun offers its residential clients a free home energy analysis, which allows for personalized service and a custom system based on each home's unique energy needs. RevoluSun also offers a variety of community education programs for homeowners who want to learn about how solar works as well as the attractive tax incentives available to them. RevoluSun is a SunPower Elite Dealer and the only solar company to be awarded SunPower's Residential National Top Producer of the Year twice (2011 and 2012).

For more information about RevoluSun visit or call 808.748.8888.

About Franchising with RevoluSun

RevoluSun Solar Corp. operates franchises in Hawaii and the Northeastern U.S., and is searching for new franchise owners nationwide. A "RevoluSun Business" markets, sells, designs and oversees the installation of renewable energy systems for residential, commercial, industrial and government project. Visit

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