Nevada a $5 billion Clean Energy Success Story

Senator Reid, Governor Sandoval and Industry Leaders join CEP in releasing Nevada Clean Energy Report proving NV is a Clean Energy Economic Hub

Las Vegas, Nevada, March 20, 2014—Clean energy investment in Nevada has accelerated rapidly in the past five years thanks to Nevada's widespread leadership and support for the clean energy economic sector, reaching at least $5.5 billion just since 2010, according to a new report available at

"Las Vegas and Nevada are leading the way on deploying clean renewable energy," U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said today during a press conference at the famous "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign (entirely solar-powered since January). "These technologies are creating thousands of jobs. And they are strengthening our state's electricity supply. But, there is more we must do. From providing predictable and fair tax incentives that level the playing field, to quickly approving permits for projects on public lands, we can help clean energy grow in Nevada and nationwide."

Governor Brian Sandoval stated, "Nevada is a leader in renewable energy production, leveraging our natural resources to bring large-scale economic investment and high-paying jobs to our state. Through the dedication and leadership of our local, state, and federal officials, Nevada has repeatedly demonstrated its commitment to renewable energy development and is now well-positioned to lead the nation in this emerging industry."

Senator Reid and Governor Sandoval were joined by the Las Vegas-based Clean Energy Project and industry leaders, Tom Kiernan, CEO of the American Wind Energy Association, and Ken Johnson of the Solar Energy Industry Association, in releasing a new report documenting Nevada's success story, Renewable Energy Powers Silver State as a Clean Energy Industry Hub.

"Investing in clean energy is investing in Nevada's future," said Lydia Ball, Executive Director of the Clean Energy Project. "As our state's government, business and community leaders continue to work together, the $5 billion investment in utilizing Nevada's abundant solar, wind and geothermal resources is only the beginning of the state's strong clean energy industry."

Nevada's emergence as a renewable energy hub will also be symbolized by four major trade conferences being held this year in Nevada:

Nevada a $5 billion Clean Energy Success Story / 2
The American Wind Energy Association will bring North America's leading wind energy conference and exposition, WINDPOWER, to the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, May 5-8, 2014. Registration and details

The Geothermal Energy Association will hold its National Geothermal Summit in Reno, Aug. 5-6, 2014. See

The National Clean Energy Summit 7.0 will be held in Las Vegas in early September 2014. Senator Reid will be announcing the event soon. Registration and details (once announced) at

The Solar Energy Industries Association will hold its flagship annual event, Solar Power International, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Oct. 20-23, 2014. Registration at

"As the sunniest state in the nation, Nevada has unlimited potential to expand its use of clean, reliable solar energy, which will create even more new jobs and help to power the state's economy," said Ken Johnson, Vice President for Communications of the Solar Energy Industries Association. "Today, Nevada ranks sixth in the United States in installed solar capacity, representing an investment of more than $2.3 billion – and that number is growing every day,"

Tom Kiernan, CEO of the American Wind Energy Association, remarked that "Las Vegas is the perfect place to celebrate how affordable and widespread wind energy has become, since Nevada's first utility-scale wind farm is part of this $5 billion renewable energy boom for the state, and more wind energy is on the way. We're happy to be coming back in six weeks to host North America's largest wind energy conference and exhibition in Las Vegas, May 5-8."

Several of the private investors and companies who have invested over $5 billion to Nevada recently were represented at the event, and are available for follow-up interviews:

• Kathy Weiss, VP of Federal Affairs, and James Woodruff, VP of State and Local Affairs, FirstSolar

• Paul Hemsath, Vice President Corporate Assets & Control, Gradient Resources (geothermal)

• Heidi Bethel, Public Relations Manager, Ormat Technologies Inc. (geothermal)

• George Hardie, developer of Pattern Energy's Spring Valley Wind Farm, the first in Nevada

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