Intersolar 2014 - The dream of an easy-to-install DIY solar solution becomes reality as i-Energy releases i-Protect in Intersolar America 2014

Easy-to-install system built with the smallest and lightest components on the market.

TAIPEI, Taiwan, July 8, 2014 -- i-Energy, pioneers in small scale and DIY solar solutions, announces the launch of i-Protect, the world's smallest AR-N-4105-compliant protection device. Together with the new GT260 micro-inverter, i-Protect helps to form i-Energy's smart solar home solution – an easy-to-install system built with the smallest and lightest components on the market.

Light and compact, i-Protect sets a new standard for size and function. It is currently the smallest protection device on the market, approximately a third smaller than its competitors. In addition to providing electrical protection between the micro-inverter and the grid, i-Protect has an auto-mechanical switch off as an enhanced layer of protection.

i-Protect provides voltage, frequency, and power protection to meet AR-N-4105 and other regulatory requirements. The IP67-rated design is air cooled and intended for both indoor and outdoor use. As is typical of the components in i-Energy's smart solar home solution, the mounting and connection are designed to be foolproof.

The new GT260 micro-inverter, which is at the center of i-Energy's smart solar home solution, can provide 5 to 25% more energy per solar module than string inverters and is designed to eliminate output reduction caused by panel shading or surface debris. The new GT260 is the lightest micro-inverter on the market, and was engineered with excellent heat dissipation for long-term reliability. Like i-Protect, it uses convenient plug-and-play connections for simplicity and safety.

In addition to being convenient to install, i-Energy's smart solar home solution includes i-Manager, which allows users to appreciate the value, and the environmental contribution that their system makes. This optional device collects power and performance data from i-Energy micro-inverters. Installation is as easy as plugging the unit into a household AC socket; i-Manager then automatically searches for, connects to, and collects data from the micro-inverters using power line communication. Information is displayed on the i-Manager's screen with more extensive information viewable using the i-Monitor service. This is an innovative newly developed web portal, which provides real-time performance information in an easy-to-read, graphic based format, available 24/7 and viewable on both desktop and mobile browsers.

The compact size of i-Protect and the new GT260 micro-inverter plus the focus on simple installation and monitoring, make i-Energy's solution ideal for the growing self-install market and makes small-scale installations more attractive for solar professionals.

i-Energy CEO, Steven Huang, said: "This smart solar home solution includes advanced technology to make the product lighter and smaller, making it a market-leading solution. i-Energy's micro-inverter solution is the best choice for solar DIY equipment. Customers can start their system with only one solar panel with one micro-inverter and one i-Protect. This means minimum upfront costs, enabling you to put solar systems everywhere. We always design our solar products from the end-user perspective."

Each i-Protect unit can support a maximum of 3.6 kW. i-Protect will be available from July 2014.

About i-Energy
Founded in 2009, i-Energy is a pioneer in advanced photovoltaic power optimization and conversion products for residential and commercial applications. The company is dedicated to the concept of solar technology as a consumer green appliance; making Smart Energy available to all. i-Energy's solar micro-inverter solutions offer high reliability, increased energy optimization, enhanced safety, simple installation, and easy servicing.

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