PROINSO supplies the all-new Zeversolar inverters in India

Over 100 MW in panels and solar inverters have been delivered by PROINSO in India in the last three years. The agreement reached with Zeversolar will strengthen PROINSO's position in India, where the company has supplied PV solar material to over 140 projects.

PROINSO, global dealer of solar power material, and Zeversolar, China's second largest solar inverter manufacturer, taken over by SMA last year, have signed an agreement under whose terms PROINSO becomes a Zeversolar authorised dealer in India.

The agreement is in line with PROINSO's plan to further strengthen its presence in India, after establishing a branch in Mumbai in 2011 and incorporating 128 Qualified Installers from India in its International Network to serve local customers and projects.

"The recent alliance with Zeversolar is all important as we believe it is an unrivalled best match to the procurement criteria of a large section of the Indian string inverter market", said Kunal Chandra, Head of PROINSO India.

The agreement is framed within a broad business cooperation strategy designed last year by PROINSO and ZEVERSOLAR, aimed at boosting the distribution of the inverters made by the Zeversolar in a number of international markets.

Zeversolar inverters

PROINSO sources said that the deal reached with Zeversolar enabled them to supply highly efficient inverters in India. These include internationally and UK-certified single-phase inverters with power rating of 1.5kWp to 5kWp and 4kWp to 20kWp three-phase inverters. With nominal power rating of 1.5kWp to 20kWp and 96.5% European efficiency, these inverters deliver unbeatable performance for residential and commercial PV systems.

"Our completely revised products have again been improved and tested with the support of SMA. In their reliability our inverters meet all requirements for residential and commercial applications for the Indian market. With PROINSO we have taken a great milestone today. The alliance underlines our close cooperation with PROINSO and our high interest into the Indian market", said Sven Schreiber, Executive Vice President for Sales, Service and Marketing at Zeversolar.

By sustainably increasing the productivity and lowering the material costs, Zeversolar is now able to offer a wide range of easy to use and affordable photovoltaic inverters to address the growing Indian market.

"This is also reflected in our new brand and product strategy in which we have redefined Zeversolar, the positioning and appearance. Our products can be summed up in the new brand idea of democratizing the photovoltaic market through our inverter range, bringing the power of the sun to more people which reinforces our new claim: Energy for everybody." said Sven Schreiber.//

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