Urban Wind Signs Distributor Deal With Leading German Turbine Manufacturer

Leading UK renewable energy expert UrbanWind has signed a three-year distributor agreement with major German turbine manufacturer Wind Technik Nord.

Leading UK renewable energy expert UrbanWind has signed a three-year distributor agreement with major German turbine manufacturer Wind Technik Nord.

The landmark deal means that Glasgow-based UrbanWind will offer the company's industry-leading 250-500kWh range of turbines to its growing customer base nationwide.

UrbanWind has also signed a five-year operations and servicing contract with Wind Technik Nord, which is one of Europe's leading wind turbine technology companies.

The deal enhances UrbanWind's existing range of Northern Power Systems np100 turbines. Wind Technik Nord's technology will particularly benefit the company's business and corporate landowning clients.

The deal highlights its confidence in the growing market for small and medium-sized wind turbines.

UrbanWind, which also has a base in Preston, Lancashire, now has more than 100 wind turbine power projects across the UK in the pipeline.

UrbanWind CEO Paul McCullagh said: "The deal we have signed to become a UK distributor for Wind Technik Nord is good news for us and our customers.

"Wind Technik Nord is a major, well-respected company in the sector. It has a record for delivery and reliability which is second to none.

"Our relationship with them extends our capabilities even further, increasing the range of wind technology options we can offer to our customers.

"We believe its turbines will provide the right solutions for business and corporate landowners looking to harness wind technology to reduce their carbon footprints and slash their energy bills.

"The five-year operations and servicing contract we now have with the company is also a testament to the calibre of our team and the growth of our business.

"We have continued to deliver on our growth plans, with strong projects across the UK and we now have more than 70 potential turbine sites in the pipeline.

"We are seeing a surge of customers and potential sites looking to become independent of the burden of ever-increasing power bills. It really has become a key priority for businesses and site owners.

"More and more companies, landowners and organisations like the idea of taking control of their energy needs and of the possibility of extra revenue streams that renewable energy brings them.

"We are in advanced talks with a number of major utility companies and commercial site operations across a variety of different sectors.

"They are keen to look at how they can harness renewable energy at their sites, not only to cut their bills, but also to reduce their carbon footprint.

"The turbine technology offered by Wind Technik Nord gives them real solutions, as they look to invest in the future.

"Coupled with the Northern Power Systems turbines we offer, we now have an unbeatable range of cutting-edge, reliable and proven technology to suit the needs of a wide range of businesses and individual landowners.

Based in Nordfriesland, near the Danish border, Wind Technik Nord was founded in 1986 and continues to lead the field in the development and production of wind technology. Its turbines can be found working across the globe, including in India.

CEO Tobias Wippich said: "We are delighted to be working with UrbanWind as one of our key partners in the UK, as it continues to grow its business and we look forward to developing the relationship in the years ahead.

"We see many similarities in our companies, which makes this the perfect fit. We are both dedicated to providing reliable and trusted wind technology that gives customers the solutions that work for them.

"The UK is an important market for us and we believe our link with UrbanWind will help us achieve our growth plans."

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