Guelph Hydro's Free Digital Photo Frame Displays Real-Time Energy Usage Along With Personal Photographs

CEIVA home energy management system will help Guelph Hydro customers reduce their energy bills

Burbank, Calif./Guelph, Ontario – August 20, 2014 – Guelph Hydro Electric Systems Inc., the electric distribution utility serving more than 52,000 customers in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, today announced it is launching CEIVA Energy's home energy management system that will provide customers with easy-to-understand information about their household's energy usage, right on their kitchen counter. Several large utilities in the United States have already deployed CEIVA Energy's home energy management system platform, but Guelph Hydro is the first Canadian utility to implement the award-winning customer engagement technology.

Eligible Guelph Hydro customers who sign up for the peaksaverPLUS TM program at will receive a digital photo frame that connects wirelessly to their smart meter.The frame displays real-time data about the household's energy consumption, alongside personal photos that customers can upload to their cloud-based CEIVA account from photo sharing websites or

As an added feature, customers will be able to monitor energy usage information remotely through the CEIVA webpage or smart phone app for iOS and Android devices.

Five years ago, anticipating that growth in connectivity would extend into the utility sector, Guelph Hydro distinguished itself by being the only utility in Ontario to deploy smart meters equipped with a ZigBee® chip. Similar to Bluetooth® technology, ZigBee is a non-proprietary communications protocol that enables smart meters to communicate with devices inside the home. This is a key component of a "smart home," or a house that is equipped with a variety of technological tools that automate and enhance living. Using sophisticated in-home energy management systems, smart meters, appliances, lighting, heating and cooling systems, electric outlets and other devices can communicate with each other in order to maximize energy savings for homeowners.

This program is CEIVA Energy's first international utility deployment. The rollout also marks CEIVA Energy's second integration with Silver Spring Networks Inc., demonstrating the interoperability of its platform. CEIVA Energy's deployment with Guelph Hydro is based on secure infrastructure that complies
with Canada's privacy laws and security mandates.

Further information about Guelph Hydro's peaksaverPLUS TM program is available at

"Most people have no idea how much their electricity is costing them at any given point in the day. Our goal in launching this new device is to make learning about energy consumption as easy as glancing at photos of children or grandchildren on a display on the kitchen counter. By providing clear visibility of
the real-time costs associated with using energy, we hope to inspire customers to make changes to drive down their household's energy consumption and reduce costs."

Matt Weninger, Director of Metering and Conservation, Guelph Hydro Electric Systems Inc.

"Guelph Hydro has established itself as a leader in customer engagement, energy efficiency and smart meter programs. This rollout serves as a blueprint for other utilities to start making the most of their smart meter investment with a comprehensive, utility-supported home energy management system

Dean Schiller, Chief Executive Officer, CEIVA Energy

Available upon request or at

About CEIVA Energy
CEIVA Energy provides a comprehensive, flexible, utility-supported Home Energy Management System that helps utilities comply with regulations to reduce energy use and engage with customers. CEIVA Homeview is a complete engagement solution that enables utilities to deliver compelling real-time
energy consumption data and energy efficiency messaging to assist residential customers with home energy management. CEIVA Entryway is an enterprise software suite that makes it easy for utilities to analyze home energy use, manage the smart meter home area network and deliver effective residential
demand response at scale. For more information, please visit:

About Guelph Hydro
Guelph Hydro Electric Systems Inc. delivers a safe and reliable supply of electricity to more than 52,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in Guelph and Rockwood, and is helping to create a culture of energy conservation in Ontario. The company is owned by Guelph Hydro Inc. which is actively developing sustainable energy projects and is a key implementer of the City of Guelph's Community Energy Initiative. For more information, visit:

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