SPI 2014 - OutBack Power Unveils Solar Control with OPTICS RE

Solar energy system owners can now access their systems anytime, anywhere.

ARLINGTON, Wash.--OutBack Power Technologies, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of advanced power electronics for renewable energy, backup power and mobile applications, today announced OPTICS RE control functionality for owners of renewable energy systems. OPTICS RE provides installers and owners of OutBack systems the ability to easily monitor photovoltaic (PV) system operation, performance and output via an intuitive dashboard from any Internet-enabled device. Now, OPTICS RE also provides system owners with the ability to control their energy storage, production and use, which results in higher satisfaction levels from their renewable energy investment.

OPTICS RE was developed to improve the longevity of energy systems by enabling greater oversight and visibility into system performance and health. Using any mobile Internet-enabled device, installers can easily verify system status and performance and get insight into complex data through historical graphs. For system owners, remote accessibility reduces system downtime and expensive on-site service calls, while installers benefit from time savings and improved customer service.

"As more homeowners and businesses invest in renewable energy, system performance and long-term system satisfaction become paramount," said Harvey Wilkinson, general manager, OutBack Power. "With OPTICS RE, OutBack Power provides users with the energy intelligence to self-act and the control to manage their energy production and consumption."

Installers and system owners can readily take advantage of the OPTICS control functionality via the GridZero-capable Radians. Coupled with its new 2V batteries and modular racking systems, OutBack Power's award-winning Radian family offers the latest in Grid/Hybrid renewable energy systems enabling grid independence and energy resilience while ensuring compatibility with future energy storage solutions through advanced battery-charging capabilities.

OPTICS RE will be included free of charge with the purchase of a new MATE3 or AXS Port system controller and can be added to existing MATE3 or AXS Port controllers for a fee. For more information about OPTICS RE, please visit www.opticsre.com.

Visit OutBack Power at SPI
OutBack Power will showcase several product innovations including OPTICS RE and its new 2V batteries at Solar Power International taking place October 20 through 23 in Las Vegas. Attendees may stop by booth 2312 for a demo.

About OutBack Power Technologies
OutBack Power Technologies, a member of The Alpha Group, is the leading designer and manufacturer of advanced power electronics for renewable energy, back-up power and mobile applications. Founded in 2001 to pioneer power conversion technologies considered de facto standards today, and with an emphasis on product performance and reliability, OutBack has established itself as the product of choice in harsh environmental conditions and applications where product reliability is paramount. Whether the application is village microgrids in Africa, rural electrification projects in Latin America, remote off-grid cabins in Alaska, or a suburban home in Southern California, OutBack Power Technologies has set the bar for delivering advanced power conversion electronics. For more information, please visit www.outbackpower.com

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