NRG Home Solar Expands Operations in California

Growth complements NRG Energy's broader presence in California by opening new residential solar offices; Offering Home Solar Loan for first time

San Diego, Calif., November 18, 2014 – NRG Home Solar, one of the country's leading residential solar offerings, today announced the opening of two new California offices in Merced and San Diego, adding to the NRG footprint in the state. These offices will add to existing presence and further build on the company's comprehensive energy operations around the state including the recent expansion of the NRG eVgo electric vehicle charging network. As part of the solar expansion, NRG Home Solar plans to hire more than 100 new employees in order to support its rapidly growing residential solar services in the Golden State.

"As residential solar becomes increasingly attractive - economically as well as environmentally - to California homeowners, so does NRG's growing ability to provide solar-driven home energy solutions to Californians seeking the many benefits associated with generating most of your own energy cleanly and quietly," said David Crane, President and CEO of NRG Energy. "The distributed clean energy movement is about personal empowerment and playing your role in creating a sustainable future and we believe that is the future that the vast majority of Californians envision for themselves and their State."

NRG Home Solar is also offering solar loans for the first time to homeowners starting in California and expanding to other states. The company now offers both leasing and loan programs, allowing homeowners and NRG Home Solar customers to have wider finance options as they look to install solar at home.

"We are excited to be rapidly expanding in a state like California that is committed to solar growth and affordable home energy solutions," said Kelcy Pegler Jr, President of NRG Home Solar. "This expansion allows us to meet growing consumer demand as more and more California homeowners look to lock in lower energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint with rooftop solar."

NRG currently operates multiple utility-scale solar projects, including some of the state's largest photovoltaic fields and the world's largest solar thermal project, as well as fast-start generating units that enable more renewable integration into the power grid. The expansion of NRG Home Solar represents the company's latest move toward expanding the amount of solar power in California and throughout the country.

NRG Home Solar is a leader in the residential solar industry in several states across the U.S. The company, part of NRG Home, is looking to hire candidates in a range of positions and levels in locations around California. Candidates interested in employment opportunities should contact NRG Home Solar at

Homeowners interested in NRG Home Solar's services can contact the company directly at 1-800-75-SOLAR or visit

About NRG Home Solar
NRG Home Solar is one of the country's leading solar offerings specializing in the installation of residential solar PV. NRG Home Solar designs, installs and maintains solar systems that help smart homeowners bring their homes into the future with cleaner, less expensive energy. The company is a division of NRG Home and has offices throughout the US. For more information please visit or follow us on Twitter @NRGHomeSolar.

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