All inclusive: the new residential inverters by KACO new energy.

In December and early 2015 the German PV inverter specialist introduces two new lines of single and three-phase units for smaller PV arrays.

Neckarsulm, 20. November 2014 – Europe sees a renaissance of the privately owned PV array: again, and more than ever, the „Energiewende" is fueled by the commitment of the citizens. KACO new energy supports owners and installers with two residential lines of the new blueplanet inverters with output powers between 3 and 9 kilowatts.

The transformerless blueplanet TL1 (1-phase) and blueplanet TL3 (3-phase) come with a plethora of features you would have to pay extra for elsewhere: they have all useful features "on board" to elegantly meet the requirements that come with installation, operations and monitoring. These compact solar inverters warrant optimum management and grid connection for PV arrays with DC powers between 3 and 10 kW. All units, even the 1-phase inverters, are endowed with 2 MPP trackers, the blueplanet 3.0 TL1 as an alternative to the standard version with 1 MPP tracker. The gradation of the output power takes into consideration all current output limits stipulated in European network access provisions: lay out and feeding-in straight to the point.

The single-phase string inverters blueplanet 3.0 - 4.6 TL1

Newly developed, and constructed from scratch, the blueplanet TL1 fulfil each and every requirement you should expect of modern solar PV inverters for use in residential PV systems: they are light and quickly installed; all essential technical features are included in the price; reliable operation and yields are guaranteed. The thoughtfully differentiated output of the blueplanet TL1 ranges from 3.0 to 4.6 kW (AC), so that even operators of the smallest PV systems will find the right inverter.

A wide voltage range allows for a multitude of string designs. Having 2 MPP trackers, each of which can process the whole AC power, the inverters make system lay-out a breeze (blueplanet 3.0 TL1 also available with 1 MPPT). Angled roofs or sub-arrays with different orientations? No problem for the flexible blueplanet TL1 inverters. And with their low weight, they are almost fun to mount. Using plug-in connectors on the DC and on the AC side, they are just as quickly connected as they are mounted. The inverters incorporate a small, maintenance-free, interior fan (the blueplanet 3.0 TL1 is fanless) which achieves uniform cooling without taking in ambient air. That means that the blueplanet TL1 is left completely free to achieve maximum output.

The standard incorporation of RS485, Ethernet and USB ensures elegant communication and convenient monitoring – even more interfaces are optionally available. In order to create perfect link-up, the inverters have the same integrated data logger and web server as their 3-phase siblings. For commissioning and checking on the current operating data, they also feature the same easy-to-use, clearly laid out, graphical display.

And, if you want to use your self-generated solar power in your own home, the blueplanet TL1 also come with KACO new energy's Priwatt function for managing private consumption. Anything less is a thing of the past!

Available in Q4/2014

The three-phase string inverters blueplanet 5.0 - 9.0 TL3

All of the advantages of the larger 3-phase inverters by KACO new energy can now be found in one power class which is just perfect for private roof systems. The blueplanet 5.0 - 9.0 TL3 come, without exception, with 2 MPP trackers which can get to grips with all imaginable design configurations of a modular PV generator. As such, each MPP tracker can process the whole AC output. If you also consider the extremely wide input voltage range from 200 V to 800 V, multiple string configurations become possible. So, with these characteristics, the blueplanet TL3 present themselves as the most flexible three-phase inverters in their power class on the market.

The DC and AC periphery of the blueplanet TL3 ensures the quickest cabling thanks to plug-in connectors and the menu selection is performed conveniently using the graphic display. In order to make the appliances stand up to the harshest conditions out in the open, their compact housing is built to IP65 protection class. Nevertheless, weighing just 30 kg they can still be carried easily.

Should the RS485, Ethernet and USB port interfaces still leave something to be desired, optional connections for S0-connected appliances as well as 4 digital inputs and outputs are available. The data logger and the webserver are already integrated as standard. As a result, these inverters offer complete monitoring and strong communication in any environment.

And, if you want to use your self-generated solar power in your own home, the blueplanet 5.0 - 9.0 TL3 also come with KACO new energy's Priwatt function for managing private consumption.

Available in Q1/2015

About KACO new energy
KACO new energy is amongst the world's largest manufacturers of solar inverters. With 850 employees and offices in 16 countries, the company offers inverters for every array size from the smallest homes to the largest solar farms of hundreds of Megawatts. KACO new energy is based in Neckarsulm, near Stuttgart, Germany and the production facilities there, in the Americas and Asia have supplied nearly 7 Gigawatts of inverters since 1999. The Company was the first inverter manufacturer to achieve fully carbon-neutral production and is rapidly heading towards power self-sufficiency. KACO new energy also supplies energy storage systems and battery inverters, as well as inverters for combined heat and power plants and CPV systems. KACO new energy is celebrating the Centenary of the original company in 2014.

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