PVinMotion conference 2021, Conference& Exhibition on Solutions for Vehicle Integration, 6-8 December 2021, online

PVinMotion is the world's first scientific conference dedicated to vehicle-integrated PV. It provides a seminal platform for scientists and researchers in PV and materials, vehicle manufacturers, module producers, electronics and materials suppliers, consultants, advisers and designers to meet, to network and to exchange ideas. The first edition will be held online, the motto is "Solutions for vehicle integration". An exciting program with outstanding invited talks will be provided to discuss approaches to achieve an integrated PV energy supply in the vehicle skin.

The Conference Topics are:

Cell technology

- Highest-efficiency industrially available solar cells
- Adaptation of cells (e.g. cell cutting and/or edge passivation, flexibility of cells)
- System Energy Management
- Power integration concepts: balance of systems, batteries
- Power management for dynamic conditions
- Power conversion components and technology

Environmental and Social Impact

- Design aspects
- Consumer perception, user behavior and interaction
- Financing and policy framework
- CO2 reduction and life cycle analysis (incl. social aspects)
- Future potential and business cases for VIPV Module technology
- Integration of solar cells in the vehicle surface: encapsulation, interconnection and vehicle body integration
- Materials: lightweight, robust, scratch resistance
- Color and aesthetics
- Mechanical modelling

Safety & Reliability

- Safety and durability: failure modes and analysis (e.g. hotspots, crash tests)
- Standards, certification (e.g. CAFE standards, CO2 emissions)
- Module Characterization and testing of components Performance & Costs
- Yield prediction and performance modeling
- Solar irradiance and real-world validation
- System optimization
- Cost analysis of system and components

Production and Implementation

- Best-practices of VIPV technologies
- Equipment and processing (e.g. lamination technology)
- Integration in the vehicle manufacturing process
- Automotive manufacturing and technical implementation

Featured Product

Canadian Solar - HiKuBlack - Black Backsheet & Frame (Mono)

Canadian Solar - HiKuBlack - Black Backsheet & Frame (Mono)

Aesthetic appearance for residential systems: With black backsheet & black frame, Power range 380 ~ 405 W, Low power loss in cell connection. Enhanced reliability: · Low temperature coefficient (Pmax): -0.34 % / °C, LID LeTID less than 2.0%, Lower hot spot temperature, Better shading tolerance.