Wind power: TV Rheinland certifies Ming Yang

Type certification for multi-megawatt wind turbine/IEC 61400-22 certification

Cologne/Beijing/Guangdong/Shanghai, January 14, 2015. Chinese wind turbine maker Ming Yang grants TV Rheinland contract for certification. The project involves the type certification of a 2.0 megawatt wind turbine, which will be marketed particularly in India, but also worldwide. The turbine has a rotor diameter of 118m and will be available with two different hub heights, 85m and 90m. The project is being completed as part of a partnership launched in 2013 between TV Rheinland and the leading Chinese certifier, China General Certification Center (CGC).

This certification contract for a global top-ten manufacturer marks another milestone for TV Rheinland in the expansion of its certification activities. "The confidence placed in us by one of the leading manufacturers here demonstrates that we have significantly expanded our expertise and capabilities since we entered the wind turbine certification market in 2012 as the global certifier in the wind power sector," says Frank Witte, Global Business Development Manager Wind Energy at TV Rheinland. "We have been able to substantially fortify our global team in recent years with the addition of experienced engineers from the sector," explains Witte. "We have established ourselves as the local contact for the wind power industry, and our local presence facilitates cost-optimized and process-optimized project completion." In Witte's expert opinion, this offers significant added value from the customer's perspective.

Ming Yang is a major Chinese wind turbine maker specialized in the design, manufacture, sale and maintenance of wind turbines in the megawatt category. The company works together with Aerodyne Energiesysteme, a leading global designer of wind turbines. In terms of its installed capacity, in 2013 Ming Yang was ranked among the ten largest wind turbine manufacturers in the world and is the largest non-governmental wind turbine manufacturer in China. Ming Yang has research and development offices in Asia, Europe and North America and is pursuing the goal of massively growing its business both in China and in overseas markets.

China General Certification Center (CGC) is one of the most authoritative certification body in renewable energy in China, organized by the Institute of Metrology (NIM) with the authorization of the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China (CNCA) in 2003. CGC is a third-party certification body committed to standards development and certification in area of wind, solar and other renewables as well as energy efficiency. CGC has established a certification service covering the entire industry chain for wind energy, including standards development, certification, testing, industry study & consulting, wind farm services, training. The National Energy Laboratory of Wind and Solar simulation, testing and certification is operated by CGC. The domestic Chinese market share of products with CGC certificates is over 70%.

TV Rheinland offers a wide range of services for manufacturers, operators, investors and insurance companies in the wind energy industry. The company assists clients all over the world by providing expert assessments and measurements, performing risk and damage analysis, and certifying wind turbines and wind power projects. TV Rheinland is accredited by the Germany's National Accreditation Body (DAkkS) for the type and component certification of onshore and offshore wind turbines in compliance with national and international standards.

The company provides sophisticated services such as site analysis and building site surveys, manufacturer monitoring, coordination of structural analysis and test statics, and quality control and construction supervision. In addition, TV Rheinland conducts acceptance tests and periodic inspections for turbines as well as construction monitoring services. The company provides assistance with supervisory services, or what are referred to as "marine warranty survey services", for the transport and installation of offshore wind turbines and transformer platforms. The company has also successfully implemented its concept of neutral monitoring for the quality assurance of global supply chains.

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