World Smart Energy Week 2015: Growing comprehensive show to expand by 14%

The 2015 edition of the world's leading comprehensive renewable and smart energy trade show – World Smart Energy Week will be held from February 25-27, 2015 at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan. ---- 9 specialised exhibitions (including a new exhibition for electricity retail business – ENERGY LIBERALISATION JAPAN 2015) will be held under one roof and the overall scale of the show will be expanding by 14%. ---- The exhibitions, technical conference and networking events composing the show will be an indispensable platform for industry professionals to negotiate business, catch the latest trends and make business connections. ---- Overall the show is expected to attract 1,580 exhibitors, 80,000 professional visitors and 16,000 conference attendees from 70 countries and regions.

(Tokyo, Japan – December 9, 2014) - Reed Exhibitions Japan will be holding the 2015 edition of World Smart Energy Week in Tokyo, Japan from February 25-27, 2015 at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan. Bringing together the latest and innovative exhibits from Japan, Asia and the world, World Smart Energy Week is established as the world's leading comprehensive B-to-B trade show specialising in renewable and smart energy. Every year, renewable and smart energy industry professionals participate to seek the latest information, products, technologies, solutions and new business connections. With the expanded show profile and impressive line-up of technical conference sessions, World Smart Energy Week 2015 is sure to be another edition not to be missed.

Everything about renewable and smart energy business under one roof 9 exhibitions, all specialising in a different sector of renewable and smart energy will be held under the scope of World Smart Energy Week 2015. As well as each being independent, world-class exhibitions, the 9 exhibitions cover each stage of the energy cycle. FC EXPO 2015 (The world's largest hydrogen and fuel cell exhibition), PV EXPO 2015 & PV SYSTEM EXPO 2015 (Japan's largest exhibitions specialising in photovoltaic energy), WIND EXPO 2015 (Japan's only and largest exhibition specialising in wind energy) represents "Power Generation". BATTERY JAPAN 2015 (The world's largest rechargeable battery exhibition) and 5th ECO HOUSE & ECO BUILDING EXPO (Japan's leading green building and eco-friendly housing exhibition) will showcase "Power Storage", "Energy-Saving", "Application" related exhibits. 5th INT'L SMART GRID EXPO (Japan's leading exhibition for technologies and services related to smart grid) and the newly launched ENERGY LIBERALISATION JAPAN 2015 (New exhibition to support electricity retail business - see below for details) will provide technologies and solutions related to "Power Transmission", "Power Distribution" and "Electricity Retailing". "Processing Technologies" to manufacture or customise products and technologies related to renewable and smart energy will be gathered at 6th Processing Technology Expo (Japan's only exhibition specialising in processing technologies for renewable and smart energy).

Trends and highlights of World Smart Energy Week 2015
The show scale is to expand by 14%

Altogether World Smart Energy Week is expecting 1,580 exhibitors and 80,000 visitors from 70 countries/regions. In general, the exhibitors of the show will be exhibiting this year with bigger sized booths (especially evident in PV EXPO 2015, PV SYSTEM EXPO 2015 and INT'L SMART GRID EXPO – see below for details) so the net exhibit area of the overall show will be increasing in comparison to the previous edition. At this rate, the show is forecasted to exceed last year's scale by more than 14%.
New exhibition: ENERGY LIBERALISATION JAPAN 2015 - 1st Energy Market Liberalisation Expo
Another factor contributing to the growth of the overall scale of World Smart Energy Week 2015 is the launch of a new exhibition. With the full liberalisation of the Japanese electricity retail market starting in 2016, JPY 7 trillion worth of business is estimated to be generated (Source: Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry). In order to provide a platform for industry players seeking to enter this new lucrative business field, Reed Exhibitions Japan has decided to hold ENERGY LIBERALISATION JAPAN 2015 - 1st Energy Market Liberalisation Expo from World Smart Energy Week 2015. A vast range of services and technologies related to electricity retail business will be showcased opening up new windows of opportunities for this field of new business. The announcement of the launch has attracted much attention of industry professionals and major firms looking to invest in this field such as IBM, HITACHI SYSTEMS POWER SERVICES, TOSHIBA PLANT SYSTEMS & SERVICES, NISSAN, ENERES, EPCO, WARTSILA etc. have already confirmed their participation. As well as contributing to the growth in scale of World Smart Energy Week 2015, ENERGY LIBERALISATION JAPAN will enhance the overall profile of the show adding "Electricity Retailing" to the line-up of the exhibitions.
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Other trends and highlights of World Smart Energy Week 2015

* FCEVs, infrastructure and component technologies

The hydrogen and fuel cell sector is attracting a lot of attention from industry professionals this year as the commercialisation of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles is finally starting. In order to support the commercialisation of FCEVs, development of infrastructure such as hydrogen stations are crucial. Products, technologies and services related to
FCEV infrastructures are therefore increasing at FC EXPO Hydrogen station manufacturers TAIYOU NISSAN, AIR PRODUCTS etc. will be exhibiting for the first time. IWATANI, POWER TECH, NIHON AIR LIQUID etc. will also be showcasing their latest stations. Hydrogen tank and storage manufacturers such as SAMTECH, SUMITOMO SEIKA CHEMICALS, SUZUKI SHOKAN etc. and exhibits related to transportation of hydrogen will be showcased by KAWASAKI HEAVY INDUSTRIES. Component technologies supporting the development of FCEVs and infrastructure are also important aspects so exhibits of this category will also be something to look out for at the exhibition. Major material related firms such as BORIT, TANAKA KIKINZOKU KOGYO, PLANSEE etc. will be exhibiting and TORAY INDUSTRIES will be exhibiting for the first time. PRIMIX, SCREEN HOLDINGS, TORAY ENGINEERING etc. will be showcasing their latest manufacturing technologies.
At the show, actual FCEVs will be showcased and test driving sessions will be held by THE RESEARCH ASSOCIATION OF HYDROGEN SUPPLY/UTILIZATION TECHNOLOGY (HYSUT). National pavilions will be held by Germany, USA, France, Canada, Finland and Taiwan.
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* Solar is still booming

PV system installation continues to increase in Japan and the solar boom endures. As thought to portray the booming market condition and increasing competition, at the 2015 edition of PV EXPO and PV SYSTEM EXPO (The largest B-to-B industry event in Japan specialising in PV energy) is expanding its size and exhibitors are generally participating with bigger sized booths. The net exhibit space of the two shows together exhibitions will be a record breaking figure and 500 exhibitors expected to participate.

PV EXPO 2015 is Japan's largest B-to-B exhibition speacialising in solar cell/module manufacturing technologies, devices, components, materials and finished solar cell/modules. The exhibition will continue to be the best venue to seek the latest products, technologies from Japan, and the world and for firms with such exhibits to expand sales in Japan and the Asia-Pacific. Major firms exhibiting from Japan include SHARP, KYOCERA, SOLAR FRONTIER etc. From overseas, YINGLI GREEN ENERGY, TRINA SOLAR, CANADIAN SOLAR, JINKO SOLAR, RENESOLAR, JA SOLAR, HANWA Q CELLS, SOLARWORLD etc. will be exhibiting. From the materials and components sector DU PONT, TOKYO OHKA KOGYO, NIPPON ELECTRIC GLASS etc. will be joining the show. Major manufacturing technology related exhibits will be showcased by NORITAKE, NPC, ASAHI DIAMOND INDUSTRIAL etc. Evaluation, testing and analysis related exhibitors will also be participating including EKO INSTRUMENTS, WACOM ELECTRIC, MEDIOTEC etc. China will be participating with 2 large scale national pavilions. Taiwan and Korea will also be participating with larger sized pavilions gathering various products and technologies.

As the number of installations of PV continues to increase, the needs for technologies and products to integrate and install PV systems are on the rise. As though to reflect this condition, exhibit space for the only and largest B-to-B exhibition in Japan specialising in PV system integration and installation - PV SYSTEM EXPO 2015 has also been growing. By August all the exhibit spaces were sold out and as a result, Show Management was required to expand the show space to accommodate the overflowing number of applicants. The show is expected to exceed last year's scale by at least 24% at this rate. The international profile is also expanding and the area covered by exhibitors from overseas is expected to increase by 1.5 folds. This year, China will be holding 2 pavilions at PV SYSTEM EXPO for the first time.

Various power conditioner manufacturers such as SMA, ABB, OMRON, TOSHIBA MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC INDUSTRY SYSTEM, TABUCHI ELECTRIC, SCHNIDER ELECTRIC, YASUKAWA DENKI, SANSHA DENKI, SHINDENGEN KOGYO will be exhibiting. Increasing number of system integration related firms will be participating for instance POWER ELECTRONICS, IBC SOLAR, MARTIFER SOLAR, INGETEAM. Participation of firms with mounting systems and installation related exhibits such as SCHLETTER, MOUNTING SYSTEMS, CLEANERGY, RBI SOLAR are also on the rise. HUAWEI will be exhibiting for the first time showcasing smart mega solar solutions.
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* Growing market for rechargeable batteries:

The total production of batteries by value is increasing in Japan and estimated to reach JPY 730 billion for 2014. 90% of this is rechargeable batteries thus the market for rechargeable batteries is expanding. (Source: Machinery statistics released by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) BATTERY JAPAN is expected to expand in parallel to the growth of the market and will be increasing its net exhibit space by around 10% in comparison to the previous edition. Being the largest exhibition specialising in rechargeable batteries, the show will be gathering an impressive number of materials, component technologies, finished products, and manufacturing equipment and machines under one roof. HITACHI CHEMICAL, ELIIY POWER, SUMITOMO ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES, GE, VARTA MICRO BATTERY etc. will be showcasing their latest rechargeable batteries. Capacitors will be exhibited by ASAHI KASEI FDK ENERGY DEVICE, NIPPON CHEMI-CON, TAIYO YUDEN etc. Major manufacturers such as THANK-METAL, NAGANO AUTOMATION, TOYO HITEC, TOYO etc. will be showcasing their latest manufacturing equipment and machines. ZEON, BASF, KUREHA BATTERY MATERIALS JAPAN, HEREUS and others will be exhibiting materials and components supporting the core of rechargeable battery R&D. This year there will be a new "Battery Management System Zone" where various battery management systems and its components will be specially featured. Germany, China, Korea and Taiwan will be participating with national pavilions.
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* Wind energy is developing in Japan

With a new feed-in-tariff and increasing number of certified projects, Japan's wind energy industry seems to be showing positive growth. To further facilitate the growth of the Japanese wind energy industry, WIND EXPO was launched 3 years ago. Since the launch, the show has successfully continued to expand and a 10% increase was seen in the show scale at the last edition but is expected to expand even further by around 21% in 2015.
As well as the rise in the overall scale of the show, the international profile of WIND EXPO has also been rising and more firms from overseas are getting involved. For instance, SIEMENS, ENERCON, SENVION, XZERES, BERGEY WIND POWER, CHAVA ENERGY, C&F GREEN ENERGY, TYCO ELECTRONICS, HYTORC etc. have already confirmed their participation. From Japan, HITACHI, FUKUSHIMA OFF SHORE WIND CONSORTIUM, ZEPHYR, THE JAPAN STEEL WORKS, ELECTRIC MITSUI OCEAN DEVELOPMENT & ENGINEERING, OLYMPUS, FUJIKURA, JFE MECHANICAL, EOS ENGINEERING AND SERVICE, FUJI DENKO, CHUGOKU MARINE PAINTS etc. will be exhibiting to showcase their latest products, technologies and services.
This year, "Offshore Wind" and "Operation & Maintenance (O&M)" zones will be launched to facilitate the growth of the O&M and offshore wind energy business in Japan. Denmark, Netherlands, USA and Korea will be participating with national pavilions.
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* Expanding large scale energy storage systems and infrastructure

As requirements of smart grid and needs for renewables as alternative energy sources continues to grow in Japan, the needs for further infrastructure development have been increasing. To seize the chance to appeal such products, technologies and solutions related to smart grid at the country's largest renewable/smart energy industry event, increasing number of firms and organisations have been applying to exhibit at INT'L SMART GRID EXPO For instance, with
the needs for transmission network development is getting higher, core technologies such as large scale electricity storage systems are increasing and firms showcasing such exhibits are rising. To name a few, LSIS, NEC, NGK INSULATORS, PANASONIC, TOSHIBA, 4R ENERGY etc.

Opportunities for business for experienced firms from overseas in the smart grid business are also expanding and INT'L SMART GRID will be a great starting platform to conduct business in Japan. This year, Canada and Taiwan will be exhibiting national pavilions and exhibitors from the UK, USA, Belgium, China, Korea, Hong Kong etc. will also be exhibiting.
As though to reflect the increasing business opportunities and competition, exhibitors are generally exhibiting with bigger sized booths and overall, the show size of INT'L SMART GRID EXPO is expected to expand by 26%.
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* New concepts for houses and buildings -"Wellness" and "Safety"

Japan is now focusing on a new value beyond eco-friendly and green for homes and buildings - "Wellness" and "Safety". ECO HOUSE & ECO BUILDING EXPO will be the best place to find the latest products, technologies and services related to such new concepts for business. For instance, major housing manufacturers in Japan DAIWA HOUSE, SEKISUI HOUSE etc. will be showcasing their new systems and technologies to be used in their latest "smart houses". The topic will also be covered at the Keynote session of ECO HOUSE & ECO BUILDING EXPO where future prospects of smart wellness residence and city projects in Japan will be discussed. This year there will be a new featured exhibit area within the exhibition for high-efficiency building materials such as thermal insulation materials, thermal barrier coating, double windows, plasters etc. Canada and Latvia will be holding a national pavilion exhibiting products and technologies unique to their countries. The overall show scale is expected to expand by 1.7 folds in comparison to the previous edition.

Conference and networking events to boost business

Held parallel to the exhibitions is a Technical Conference where world-renowned experts of the renewable and smart energy industry will gather to share information and trends.

Various topics will be covered such as national, international policies, industry outlook of various energy sectors, business strategies of top firms and organisations, new and innovative technologies etc. There will be Keynotes Sessions for FC EXPO, PV EXPO, BATTERY JAPAN, WIND EXPO, INT'L SMART GRID EXPO, ENERGY LIBERALISATION JAPAN, ECO HOUSE & ECO BUILDING EXPO and one for World Smart Energy Week as a whole.
The World Smart Energy Week Keynote Session will be led by Japan's Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry (METI) and U.S Department of Energy (DOE) discussing "National Policy for Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy in Japan and U.S."

In addition to the Keynote sessions, there will be numerous technical sessions held at the conference venue and also product/technology seminars within the exhibition halls. Overall 215 sessions will be held and the Technical Conference alone is expected to attract 16,000 attendees. The full conference program will be announced soon.

In order to aid networking between the participating professionals, VIP reception parties will be held on the first day of the show (Feb. 25, 2015).

Exhibitors, visitors, conference speakers and attendees from across the 9 exhibitions will be able to acquaint, share ideas and build new connections.

Growing comprehensive business platform for the industry

Numerous changes are currently being made in energy related policies in Japan thus various renewable and smart energy related business are undergoing transition. For example, the changing Feed-in-tariffs, smart city projects, needs for further infrastructure etc. As well as supporting these businesses in a form of 9 exhibitions, the conference and networking events will be an ideal venue for policy makers to announce the latest decisions and for industry professionals to share and catch various information and trends.

World Smart Energy Week 2015 with growing world-class exhibitions, informative technical conference and networking events will thus be an indispensable platform for renewable and smart energy industry professionals from across Japan, Asian and the world to seek new business and connections.
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