Daetwyler Strengthens Solar Energy Focus

Experienced Clean Energy Leader Expanding to DCE Solar

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C., Jan. 19, 2015 -- In a move designed to

reflect their specialized expertise with solar racks and installations,
Daetwyler Clean Energy has shifted its solar brand to DCE Solar. "We believe
in all renewable forms of energy," says CEO Bill Taylor. "Our name shift is
about emphasizing our focus on solar instead of the much broader spectrum of
different kinds of clean energy which Daetwyler also supports."

The move is very much in keeping with the company's ongoing mission - which
has been to support solar technologies through equipment designed for
longevity, efficiency, lowest cost of ownership, and best long term ROI. It
also reflects the nature of the partnership between DCE Solar and the
Daetwyler global industrial brand known for more than 70 years of Swiss
precision, expertise, and quality. This new company image promises more of
the same excellence both firms are known for worldwide. "We're looking
forward to 'Elevating the Future of Solar'
for everyone we serve," Taylor explains. "Having 'Solar' as part of our name
demonstrates our commitment to all those who are working in this sector of
the industry...not only today, but in the future as well."

To date, DCE Solar has established itself as an authority in ensuring the
performance and longevity of solar installations through superior racking
and mounting products. The current product offering includes ground-mount,
roof-mount, hybrid and tracking systems - all built to meet or exceed
industry standards and regulations. Their purpose, according to company
leadership, is to simplify solar implementation so that more architects,
contractors, builders, and developers will be motivated to include solar as
part of new projects and/or retrofit them to existing structures and
properties. "Quite simply," Taylor concludes, "we want to be the first name
people think of when it comes to solar installations that really deliver on
everything solar energy should be - easy, efficient, and clear experts. As
it has since before this change, DCE Solar will remain connected to the
Daetwyler family of brands, backed by all the support and international
presence of its sister company. More information about DCE Solar, its
products, and its approach can be found at the brand's new website:

DCE Solar serves as market leader in industrial grade solar mounting
hardware and consulting. With DCE's world-class engineering and fabrication
facilities, American master craftsmen leverage more than three generations
of Swiss engineering expertise to create a full catalog of superior fixed
tilt mounting and tracking solutions for ground as well as ?xed tilt
solutions for ?at roofs. Learn more at www.DCESolar.com.

Featured Product

IMO Precision Controls - Keeping Solar Safe

IMO Precision Controls - Keeping Solar Safe

The IMO FireRaptor provides three forms of Solar Panel Rapid Shutdown to ZERO VOLTS in case of fire or other emergency: Manual Panel Shutdown to 0V Operated from Ground Level, Automatic Panel Shutdown to 0V at >85°C (185°F) Temperature, and an automatic Panel Shutdown to 0V on External Power Loss. The FireRaptor can be installed without any set-up and with any string inverter as its functionality is completely independent. "Plug & Play" style installation using industry standard connectors is easy, whether fitted to new installs or retrofitted to existing projects to upgrade fire safety functionality. Meeting NEC2017's regulation to switch DC current at the PV panel in under 30 seconds, FireRaptor is remains one of the safest and most effective means of isolating DC current at the source, and the only rapid shutdown with a 20 year warranty.