Laketown Township, Mich. to Host a Community Virtual Solar Garden at Felt Mansion

Community Green Energy signs agreement with Laketown Township, Mich. to develop Community Solar on the grounds of the Felt Mansion.

Community Green Energy, LLC (CGE) today announced that it has entered into a Community Solar Development Agreement with Laketown Township in Mich. Laketown's Felt Mansion will be the future host site of a Community Virtual Solar Garden, the first of its kind in the state of Michigan.

Under this agreement to develop a community solar program, CGE will begin finalizing the design, and will build, finance and operate the planned 100kW community solar array at Felt Mansion. Once operational, the Township will purchase, at a discount, all the solar electricity generated, for use at Felt Mansion, under a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement.

Prior to operation, CGE will offer community area residents and small businesses the opportunity to become a subscriber in the solar garden by purchasing production ownership rights in solar PV panel units. All net revenues paid to the Community Virtual Solar Garden by the Township for electricity produced, as well as any production-based incentives received, will be distributed as cash payments to subscribers, according to the percentage share of PV panel production units owned.

"With no capital investment of our own, Laketown Township will go green and become more sustainable, generating and using renewable solar energy," said Township Manager Al Meshkin. "And we're saving money immediately over our current electric rates, savings that will only grow over the long term."

By sponsoring this solar project as a Community Virtual Solar Garden, the Township is helping to provide local area residents with access to solar at up to 35% below the cost of individual rooftop installation. Residents still receive all the long term benefits of solar ownership, minus the liabilities associated with physical system ownership, including installation and maintenance.

"The CGE community solar program is unique," Meshkin said. "The Township is actually paying the solar garden subscribers for the electricity we use, directly benefiting them and our local area, too, because all the financial benefits are transacted locally."

The Community Virtual Solar Garden program at Felt Mansion will be completely managed, administered and maintained by CGE.

"Our Community Virtual Solar Garden program is designed to make solar more easily available and affordable to residents and small businesses alike," said Community Green Energy's President, Fritz Kreiss. "Anyone can choose to participate, including the 75% who are unable to install solar because they have no roof of their own, or are too shaded or poorly oriented, or just find it too expensive."

"We're thrilled to serve as the Host site for this exciting community solar project," Meshkin concluded, "and look forward to the positive impact it will have in our community."

CGE will soon begin a community outreach campaign; introducing and explaining to local area residents how they can participate as subscribers in this community solar project. Participation in PV panel subscriptions is limited and will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. For further information, or to fill out an interested-party form, visit Community Virtual Solar Garden at

Community Green Energy develops and finances renewable energy and energy efficiency projects nationwide, including community solar gardens, community choice aggregation and utility scale solar development. 262-248-0927

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