Continental Control Systems to Present Innovative Current Transformers at Globalcon and NFMT

Visit Continental Control Systems at booth #304 at Globalcon and at booth #2681 at NFMT to view our high-accuracy low-phase-angle technology designed into a split-core CT.

Boulder, Colorado February 19, 2015

Continental Control Systems will be showcasing the newest additions to its ACT family of split-core current transformers (CTs) at two prominent industry trade shows in March, Globalcon 2015 and The National Facilities Management and Technology (NFMT) Conference and Expo.

The NFMT Conference and Expo will be held March 10 -12 in Baltimore, Maryland, and will attract over 5,000 facility managers and energy professionals from across the country, looking for fresh ideas and innovative solutions. Globalcon 2015, presented by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), will be held March 17-18 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and promises to deliver information on the latest innovative technologies and developments in the energy field to over 3,000 building owners, facility managers and energy professionals. Both long-standing trade shows are known for attracting energy professionals looking for innovation, information, knowledge and products to help them succeed, which makes them the perfect venues to showcase Continental Control Systems' innovative, current transformers and its flagship line of WattNode® power and energy meters.

At both shows, Continental Control Systems will feature its Accu-CT family of CTs, which offer unprecedented low-end accuracy down to 1% of rated current and its patented low phase angle technology. The Accu-CT family currently includes two models. The ACT-1250 features an oblong, hinged design that provides superior accuracy for loads up to 600 amps and will fit parallel feeds up to 350 kcmil while complying to IEEE C57.13 Class 1.2 and Class 0.6 accuracy standards. The unique oblong shape of the ACT-1250 creates a window opening with sufficient room for parallel 350 kcmil feeds that will not fit in a round or square CT of the same size, providing users with a smaller, safer, and easier-to-install high-accuracy split-core CT. Additionally, the innovative hinged design simplifies installation, enabling users to install CTs safely with just one hand.

"Available in both standard and high-accuracy options, WattNode meters and Accu-CTs provide ANSI C12.1 Class 1.2 and Class 0.6 revenue-grade accuracies," said Cynthia A. Boyd, director of sales for Continental Control Systems. "Our customers will appreciate all of the Accu-CT's features, designed into a unique split-core current transformer at an affordable price."

Perfect for use on loads up to 600 amps, the Accu-CT CTs offer the ease of installation typically associated with an opening CT combined with the accuracy normally found with solid-core CTs. The Accu-CT line of CTs are ANSI C57.13-compliant, holding their accuracy and phase angle to 1% of full load, a measurable decade below most standard CTs. Featuring a safe low-voltage 0.333 Vac output, the Accu-CT line is an ideal companion to Continental Control Systems' WattNode Revenue meter for revenue-grade electric power metering applications.

Designed for load measurements below 250 amps, the ACT-0750 is a high-accuracy split-core CT that includes a low-voltage output 0.333 Vac to ensure safe use with Continental Control Systems' WattNode® and WattNode Revenue meters. The ACT-0750 is available in a variety of full load ranges, from 5 to 250 amps, and is ideal for equipment monitoring and solar applications in which accuracy across a wide range of the full load is necessary.

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