Asset manager, Greensolver's performance benchmarking tool secures new clients and sees total MW benchmarked hit 1700.

Paris, 19th March 2015 - Greensolver, the independent wind and solar farm asset manager, has announced that its unique performance benchmarking tool, Greensolver Index, has now added 1.7GW of managed wind assets to its database.

With mature onshore European wind projects of increasing interest to investors, there is growing demand for these assets to be independently managed by a specialist who will ensure that wind farms deliver their peak performance and, by extension, portfolio returns.

In addition, IS0 55001, the global asset management standard, requires investors to seek continuous improvements in asset performance. In this respect, the capacity of the Greensolver Index to benchmark portfolio performance in real time against industry standards, and other projects Europe wide, gives investors confidence that their assets are under ongoing, active management.

Having signed a number of high-profile wind energy investors to the index, including CGN and Glennmont in the last 12 months, Greensolver's benchmarking ability now spans 129 wind farms in France, Spain, Italy, Ireland and the Netherlands, totaling 1700MW.

Many of these firms also benefit from Greensolver's day-to-day technical and commercial management services and Greensolver Index provides a means to track the progress of ongoing portfolio performance plans. However use of the tool is not limited to Greensolver's asset management clients.

"Greensolver Index is a unique portfolio benchmarking tool," said Guy Auger, Chief Executive Officer, Greensolver. "Clean energy investors need to have the same securities as those in traditional asset classes. And having the confidence that their investments are being actively managed to improve performance is integral to securing the long term survival of clean energy assets as investment grade."

"The ability to evaluate the performance of individual assets not only against other like assets (by brand, nominal power or hub height) in their portfolio, but also projects Europe-wide, gives investors a much clearer idea of how their operations and maintenance record stacks up against their peers, or whether grid connections are optimized."

Nicolas PAUL-DAUPHIN, Chief Executive Officer, Eolfi commented: "Since signing up to the Greensolver Index, we have been able to see which of our wind energy projects have been under-performing compared to the wider market. This knowledge helps us to focus our ongoing work with Greensolver to ensure that we plan our operations more effectively, or make more strategic investment decisions with our wind energy assets going forward."

Initially created by Veolia Environment in 2008, Greensolver was a pioneer asset management firm in the French market and now manages more than 400MW of wind and solar assets. Following a management buyout in 2012, it became one of the leading third party providers of renewable energy services in mainland Europe.

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