AET Achieves UL 2703 Certification for its Rayport™-B ECO Roof Ballast System

Applied Energy Technologies (AET) Announces UL 2703 Certification for Rayport™-B ECO Rooftop Racking Solution

Applied Energy Technologies (AET), a preferred supplier of commercial and utility-scale racking systems and one of the top 10 solar racking companies in the United States, has received certification to the new UL 2703 standard on its Rayport™-B ECO roof ballast solution. The Rayport™-B series is an ideal system for EPCs looking for cost-effective, functional, lightweight, and durable PV rooftop racking.

"The ECO line was developed to reduce material, shipping, and installation costs while still meeting the requirements of our customers," said John Klinkman, VP of Engineering at AET. "Our solar racking solutions have a reputation in the solar industry of being both durable and functional. Achieving UL 2703 listing for the Rayport™-B ECO further validates our product's high quality and reliability."

The Rayport™-B ECO racking system was evaluated for module-to-system bonding to the requirements of UL Subject 2703 Issue 2. As part of this evaluation, the racking and modules were subjected to atmospheric and corrosion tests, temperature and humidity cycling, and bonding path resistance. The Rayport™-B ECO was also evaluated for fire resistance and achieved a Fire Class A rating when used with UL 1703 listed PV modules with a fire performance rating type 1 and type 2.

"Achieving the UL 2703 certification is a vital component of our racking solutions and market strategy. California rooftop installations in 2015 are already requiring this certification. The rest of the U.S. will require it in 2016, so we understand the importance of compliance," said Aaron Faust, VP of Business Development at AET.

AET's Rayport™-B ECO roof ballast system is constructed from galvanized steel and provides a functional, lightweight, durable and cost-effective rooftop solution. It fits most modules available, has one common bolt for all joints, and has panel clamps with integrated grounding. The Rayport™-B ECO is wind tunnel tested, fits all major solar modules on the market and is available in a variety of panel configurations.

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