The Italian MegaCell, already active in monocrystalline bifacial photovoltaic production, announced at Solarexpo that the first POLYcrystalline bifacial solar cells, never industrially made before, have been produced in its factory located in Carmignano di Brenta (Padua - Italy). It was last December when the company announced that the technology licensing agreement with the German company RCT Solutions for the development of industrial polycrystalline bifacial PV process had been signed. As scheduled, the industrialization has started at the beginning of this year and has rapidly achieved the planned target. The first polycrystalline bifacial module prototype has been presented at Solarexpo last week.

Carmignano di Brenta (Padua - Italy), April 16th 2015 - At Solarexpo it has been announced that, for the first time in the world, a new type of photovoltaic bifacial cell has been industrially produced: the P-type POLYcrystalline bifacial cell. The production line has already registered these outstanding efficiency data: 18% on the front side and 15.3% on the back side of the solar cell, with a 85% of bifaciality factor and an overall cell efficiency of 22.5%, considering a 25% back side energy contribution, which is nowadays a tipical value for this type of bifacial modules.

The international outstanding achievement took place in Carmignano di Brenta (Padua-Italy), at the new bifacial PV cell production plant recently established by MegaCell srl, a MegaGroup's subsidiary, already involved in the innovative BiSoN N-type monocrystalline bifacial cells massive production.

The new module generates a Peak power of 257 Wp on the front side and 218 Wp on the backside, reaching an overall power of 320 We (Watts equivalent). It's a world record in photovoltaic.

As announced last December, MegaCell had signed with RCT Solutions (Konstanz, Germany) a licensing agreement for the co-development of an industrial process for the manufacturing of polycrystalline bifacial high efficiency solar cells production, embedding RCT's innovative technology.

The Italian and the German Teams have efficiently worked together and thus achieved this world record. This result is a landmark for the entire world's PV manufacturing industry.

As planned, the pilot project started at the beginning of this year and has reached its goals ahead of schedule, thanks to the high level of skill and expertise of the two Teams.

"Passion and competence have fuelled the MegaCell and the RCT Teams. Considering the uniqueness of the bifacial polycrystalline industrial technology, this achievement represents a milestone in the worldwide solar energy sector. We are going to use this very innovative technology not only to widen our manufacturing portfolio in Italy and in Europe but also to transfer the know-how abroad", said with satisfaction Franco Traverso, the Italian PV pioneer and MegaCell's Chairman.

"I am extremely proud of the excellent co-work that RCT and MegaCell Teams have done. It is a proof that European Teams still have lot of expertise and competence to offer to the entire PV community", said Peter Fath, CEO of RCT.

About MegaCell
MegaCell is the leading and Italian based photovoltaic (PV) bi-facial high efficiency cells and module manufacturer, owned by Mega Group, which was recently established by Mr. Franco Traverso. Traverso is considered a pioneer of the Italian photovoltaic cells technology, given his extended experience of more than 30 years in photovoltaic (PV) sector since 1981, when he founded his first company ‘Helios Technology' (sold in 2008). In 2007 he founded ‘Silfab' which currently produces 150 MW/year of photovoltaic (PV) modules in Ontario (Canada) through its fully controlled company named Silfab Solar Inc.

MegaCell is focusing on the manufacturing of high-efficiency crystalline N-type and P-type solar cells, and - in particular - on exploiting the strongly enhanced energy yield thanks to their bi-faciality. MegaCell has a nameplate production capacity of 80 MW of bi-facial solar cells on yearly base, totally destined for the production of high efficiency crystalline bi-facial cells, through the application of an advanced technology developed by Franco Traverso's team, together with the German based Research & Development Institutes and companies.
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About RCT
RCT Solution, is the leading expert in developing of state of the art solar cell technology, implementing upgrade packages in production facilities and able to follow the complete ramp up of Greenfield Turnkey Projects.
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