Latest technologies, products at BATTERY JAPAN and BATTERY OSAKA

From materials, manufacturing technologies, finished rechargeable batteries to the latest applications, a vast range of exhibits were showcased at BATTERY JAPAN by 252 exhibitors.

(Tokyo, Japan - April 30, 2015) The World's largest industry show for

rechargeable batteries "BATTERY JAPAN" was held in Tokyo in February
showcasing the latest rechargeable battery products and technology
from across the world.

Hub for rechargeable battery business
From materials, manufacturing technologies, finished rechargeable batteries
to the latest applications, a vast range of exhibits were showcased at
BATTERY JAPAN by 252 exhibitors.

"We are very satisfied with the results. During the show we had around 3700
visitors and were able to obtain new 20 projects which are expected to sum
up to JPY 1.5 billion (approx. USD
12.6 million) in sales.

We are definitely coming back to exhibit next year." SUMITOMO ELECTRIC

"Batteries and surrounding equipment were what we came to see at the show
and we are currently moving forward with 5 concrete orders. This show allows
us to see the latest technologies from around the world so we are looking to
visit again next year." DAIMLER, Visitor

"During the show, we had about 22 inquiries from both Japanese and overseas
firms. JPY 16 million (approx. USD 134 thousand) is expected from just the
negotiations that have already concluded." NIHON SPINDLE MANUFACTURING,

"We came to check the latest rechargeable battery trends and had meetings
with many manufacturers.

We are now negotiating details of the product specifications with new
contacts obtained from the show.

JPY 10-20 million (approx. 84-168 thousand) is planned to be spent through
this investment." LG CHEM, Visitor

"Over 600 visitors came to our booths and we were able to negotiate concrete
business with a major manufacturer and also a major trading company. We are
expecting to make JPY 30 million (approx. USD 252 thousand) in sales."

"We came to find smart power conditioners for electric vehicles and to
compare a few battery related products.

Currently we are reviewing a number of products from the show. It is going
to be a massive order summing up to billions of yen if it is confirmed."

Throughout the 3-day show period, 71,665 professionals (including visitors
from concurrent shows) visited the show in search of the latest products. In
combination with world-class technical conference sessions and networking
events, BATTERY JAPAN served as the biggest platform for professionals from
the rechargeable battery and related fields to negotiate business and to
catch the latest trends.

Trending technologies
This year, lithium batteries, NAS batteries, redox flow batteries and their
devices were highlighted among many of the booths.

Various topics were also discussed at the technical conference, "Global
market forecast", "xEV trends", "lithium-ion battery material", "Evaluation
and analysis", "electrode materials" and "Next generation capacitors"
being the most popular. The keynote session was the most attended out of all
the sessions where Ayumu Matsuo, Operating Officer, Automobile R&D Center of
Honda shared their latest efforts in the developments of electric vehicles.
Peter Lamp, Head of Research Battery Technology of BMW held a talk on a
holistic approach to electro-mobility.

Shun Egusa, Executive Vice President, Social Infrastructure Systems Company
of Toshiba shared the firm's latest strategy in battery business.
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The next edition of BATTERY JAPAN will be held from March 2-4, 2016 at Tokyo
CELGARD and many other firms have already booked their booths and spaces are
selling out fast. Including the above firms, 300 exhibitors are expected to participate.

Special discounts for booths are available until May 31.
For booking inquiries contact Show Management - email:

Expand business in western Japan
The total production of batteries by value is increasing in Japan and
estimated to reach JPY 730 billion. As a larger majority of this is
accounted for rechargeable batteries, the market for rechargeable batteries
is expanding. (Source: Machinery statistics released by the Ministry of
Economy, Trade and Industry)

In order to accommodate the growing market and aid expansion of business in
Japan, BATTERY OSAKA was launched last fall.

BATTERY OSAKA is a sister edition of BATTERY JAPAN held at World Smart
Energy Week OSAKA - the largest show in western Japan specialising in
renewable and smart energy, composed of 5 independent exhibitions.

As 90% of the visitors are from western Japan, of which most are a
completely different audience from the Tokyo show, BATTERY OSAKA is an ideal
platform to make further relations and seek new business partners in Japan.
The overall scale is to expand by nearly 90% in comparison to the previous

Takeshi Tanaka, Show Director of World Smart Energy Week is confident that
the two editions will provide a wider platform for business.

"BATTERY JAPAN will serve as the international platform and for
professionals interested in further investing in the Japanese market,
BATTERY OSAKA will be a great base to find new and concrete business. We
hope many professionals will make use of both shows to further business

For more information on BATTERY JAPAN and BATTERY OSAKA visit the official

For further information about the show visit:

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