Intersolar - ASD to present new hybrid battery with exceptionally long lifespan at Intersolar

ASD is presenting its entire new line of hybrid batteries and other innovative products at the Intersolar exhibition in Munich, Germany, from 10–12 June 2015.

Munich, Freiburg/Germany, 18 May 2015 - German Energy storage systems manufacturer ASD Automatic Storage Device is set to exhibit its updated hybrid battery, which has recently gone into production, at Intersolar 2015. It is distinguished by its extremely long lifespan, which has been made possible by specially developed software with an integrated feature that compensates for degradation.

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"Our new electronic storage control system treats the battery cells with particular care to extend the storage solutions lifetime even further. This method of compensating for degradation ensures that the cells age more slowly than those produced by other storage systems manufacturers and, in doing so, preserves the cells," explains Wolfram Walter, founder of ASD and inventor of the ASD solar storage system. In addition, high-quality storage components from brands such as Siemens and Studer contribute towards making the hybrid battery even more durable.

The field test for the updated battery, which is based on lithium-iron-phosphate technology, was completed at the beginning of 2015. During this trial period, all power classes were successfully tested in selected households for at least six months. Since then, the battery has been in full-scale production at ASDs factory in Umkirch near Freiburg, Germany. In addition to enhancing the batterys control system, ASD has made the device easier to install by reducing the number of cables that generally need to be connected from four to just two.

The hybrid battery is suitable for both AC and DC coupling, meaning that it enables more flexible planning than other storage types that are specifically designed for either AC or DC operation. The majority of storage systems on the market are only configured for AC operation. In the event of a power cut, they can only supply the house with electricity until they are empty, as after this point they cannot be topped up by the solar installation. Systems that are capable of DC operation, on the other hand, can always be recharged with solar power and provide a constant supply of electricity to all the households appliances. The hybrid battery combines the advantages of both modes but at a customers request can be produced for exclusive AC or DC operation.

The hybrid batterys housing has also been modified and now features bright, attractive colours. Furthermore, it includes a remote maintenance system which makes servicing even easier. It can be charged by photovoltaic installations, CHP plants and small wind powered generators alike.

The new storage system is available in four sizes ranging from 5 to 13 kilowatt hours (kWh). On request, it can be installed to provide the house with emergency back-up power on all three phases in addition to its normal operating mode. In the event of a power cut, all the devices in the building are supplied with power instead of a select few.

ASD is presenting its entire new line of hybrid batteries and other innovative products at the Intersolar exhibition in Munich, Germany, from 10-12 June 2015.

Exhibition booth: Hall B1/booth 130

About ASD
ASD Automatic Storage Device GmbH is headquartered in Umkirch, near the German city of Freiburg. The company was founded in May 2013 by engineers Wolfram Walter and Gerd Knoll. It produces intelligent solar energy storage systems that use lithium-iron-phosphate battery technology and are manufactured in Germany. ASD received the German Renewables Award in autumn 2013 for its innovative storage technology.

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