Big Sun Group and Global EPC Graess Group Sign 100MW MOU for iPV Solar Tracker Projects Pipeline.

At the 2015 SNEC PV Power Expo, the iPV Solar Tracker achieved a “Top 10 Highlights Award.”

May 14, 2015 - Topper Sun Energy, a subsidiary of the Big Sun Group, has teamed up with, Swiss global EPC, Graess Solar to sign a memorandum of understanding for 100MW projects pipeline. With exceptions to Germany and Italy, where exclusive distribution rights was recently authorized to Sino-American Silicon Products Inc., both parties have agreed to cooperate on the global distribution of the iPV Solar Tracker for power plants, technical support, and consulting services to ensure product quality.

The signing of this MOU with Graess Solar further endorses the exclusively patented iPV Solar Tracker's competitive advantages, capability to increase power generation efficiency for power plants, and its widespread deployment on a global scale.

The iPV Solar Tracker system features a unique cable-drawn drive mechanism with a universal axis that allows for rotating at any azimuth (360° degree) and a tilt angle range of 0°-40° for precise and optimum sun angle at all latitudes. In addition, the iPVSYS monitoring and control system is web-based and provides real time power generation data, alerts to quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve performance issues and outages. The energy yield from the solar tracker exceed up to 45% compared to fix-tilted PV systems and a single-day power achievement has exceeded 9 kWh/kWp, enabling investors to maintain a high return on investment. In 2013, the iPV Solar Tracker was awarded the National Industrial Innovation Award presented by Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs. 2014, Big Sun signed a strategic agreement with, global leading solar company, Shenzhen Yingli New Energy Resources Co., Ltd to specifically focus on the iPV Solar Tracker. At the 2015 SNEC PV Power Expo, the iPV Solar Tracker achieved a "Top 10 Highlights Award." Currently, the iPV Solar Tracker has received worldwide patents in 37 countries, including all 28 EU countries, with more applications pending.

About Graess Solar
Graess Solar was established in 1994. It's solar business involves EPC, O&M, project developing, investing, and purchasing. Their international locations include Switzerland, Signapur (HQ), Germany, Italy, UK, Ireland, UAE, Emirates and Mea. Specifically, the company has over 15 years experience on the construction of PV power plants.

About Big Sun Group
Big Sun Group was founded in 2006, and established its subsidiary, Topper Sun Energy, in 2009. Its core business is focused on the design, production, and sale of high-quality solar products. Big Sun's main products include 6" mono-crystalline silicon solar cells, 6" multi-crystalline silicon solar cells, the iPV Solar Tracker and the web-based iPVSYS monitoring & control system. The current conversion efficiency of Big Sun's 6" mono-crystalline silicon solar cell is 19.8% (60-cells module with up to 280 watts power). Based on its extensive product lines, Big Sun can offer vertical integrated PV power system solutions.

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