Solar Station Unveils World's Fastest, Easiest Solar Power System on Indiegogo

Solar Station crowdfunds a unique approach to solar that is fast, easy and fun. By delivering complete solar power systems off an assembly line, they are automating the solar industry in a way reminiscent of Henry Ford, giving more people the chance to participate in solving the world's energy challenges now.

Redmond, Washington July 09, 2015

A Washington-based team of inventors have launched their new solar power station on popular crowdfunding site Indiegogo. Solar Station promises to be the fastest, easiest-to-use, and most fun solar power station available on the market and will give people the chance to make a real difference to the world's energy situation.

With versions 1 and 2 of the power station already produced, tried, tested, and enjoyed, the Solar Station team plan to create version 3, their most powerful and marketable power station to date. Version 3 boasts a small server, and larger batteries with 2000 watt solar and 3000 watt inverter capabilities. Big enough to charge electric cars and feed the grid.

They just need the crowd's help to make it happen!

Construction has already begun on the version 3 model, but the team estimates that they will need $30,000 to get the power station market-ready. Not prepared to let such a long-nurtured dream slip away without a fight, Solar Station turned to Indiegogo to raise the cash. Click here to support the team and their endeavors.

Led by Ben Peterson, the Solar Station team became increasingly frustrated with the slow progress of solar power as a viable means of providing the earth with green, renewable electricity. In particular, the team wondered why there were seemingly no effective, scaled-down solar power stations for personal usage.

So they decided to put solar power directly into the hands of the masses - something which could prove instrumental in safeguarding the environment for the future - "recolonizing" the planet with solar power and making some famous friends in the process.

Success coach and author Jack Canfield is one such famous name who has given his support to the Solar Station team.

"I think Ben is one of the brightest guys I've ever interacted with," the Chicken Soup for the Soul author said. "He has done some amazing work that I find very fascinating. I love the fact that Ben is coming up with solutions."

Solar Station is edging towards their desired total of $30,000 but still needs help to achieve that final goal. Visit their crowdfunding page at and pledge a donation. Contributors will receive a perk of their choice in return, ranging from the acknowledgement of their name in books, videos and other media, right up to a prototype power station model of their very own that they can take home and use!

About Solar Station
Solar Station is a Seattle based tech startup developing a disruptively simple approach to solar. The company specializes in solar power systems that arrive ready to plug in for use. In a solar power market that does every install custom, Solar Station delivers complete energy systems off an assembly line just like good ole' Henry Ford. Batteries included. Learn more at

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