SPI 15 - Tabuchi Electric and Ampt Partner to Improve Cost and Performance in PV Systems

Companies Announce Plans to Collaborate on DC Optimizer-Enabled Inverter for Large-Scale Systems

ANAHEIM, Calif., Sept. 15, 2015 -- Solar Power International - Tabuchi Electric, a solar inverter manufacturer, and Ampt LLC, a leader in power conversion technology for solar power plant optimization, today announced a partnership to lower the cost and increase the performance of large-scale photovoltaic (PV) systems. Tabuchi and Ampt will be collaborating on product advancements employing Tabuchi inverters and Ampt DC optimizers.

Tabuchi is the number-five solar inverter manufacturer in the world, according to Raymond James & Associates. The company recently entered the North American market with the launch of a residential solar + storage solution (EneTelus Intelligent Battery System), and began offering an inverter to commercial customers called the EneTelus Mega Value System (EMVAS).

Ampt's DC Optimizers are used in commercial and utility-scale PV systems to lower the day-one cost while increasing performance. Ampt DC Optimizers allow inverters to operate in Ampt Mode, which increases inverter rated output power to reduce the inverter cost per watt.

"Ampt-optimized systems are distinguished from other solutions by uniquely delivering a true spend-less-get-more value proposition - lowering the day-one cost of PV systems while improving performance," said Harumi McClure, Managing Director at Tabuchi Electric. "The market opportunity is clear, and we're excited to collaborate on a fully-optimized line of inverters, tailored to be deployed with Ampt's DC optimizers. This combination will be a high-value solution for our large-scale customers."

Additionally, Tabuchi has joined Ampt in the HDPV Alliance, an industry-wide organization built to foster a common vision for the development and adoption of lower cost and higher performing PV systems using distributed power optimization (DPO). HDPV, or High Definition PV, uses defined standards, tested compatibility and shared best practices to deliver products and services that optimize PV systems.

"Tabuchi is one of the most highly-respected companies in the inverter space, with a global presence and nearly a century of experience making quality electronics," said Levent Gun, CEO of Ampt. "The collaboration will be driven by our shared mission of advancing lower-cost, highest quality PV systems for customers that help move the industry forward."

More information regarding Tabuchi's products is available at http://www.zbr.co.jp/english/. For additional information about Ampt's products, please visit www.ampt.com.

About Tabuchi Electric
Tabuchi Electric is the top residential solar inverter manufacturer in Japan and has been a leading player in the electronics industry since its creation in 1925. Tabuchi's solar and storage solutions are grid-friendly plug-and-play systems optimized for energy management and cost performance. Each Tabuchi product has proprietary control technologies at their core. With the goal of being a leading eco-friendly company, Tabuchi is committed to applying its technologies to solve urgent energy challenges around the world and make all buildings net-zero. Tabuchi Electric's North American headquarters is in San Jose, California. For more information, please visit Tabuchi Electric.

About Ampt
Ampt delivers innovative power conversion technology and communications capabilities that are optimizing the way PV systems are designed. The company, along with strategic partners in the HDPV Alliance, is lowering system cost and increasing energy generation to improve ROI and broaden the PV solar market.

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