World-leading UK to host global wave and tidal energy event for first time

Edinburgh to welcome 6th International Conference on Ocean Energy

The UK - home to more wave and tidal energy devices than the rest of the world combined - is to host the International Conference on Ocean Energy for the first time.

The landmark event, now in its tenth year, will come to Edinburgh from February 23-25, 2016, and will be designed by an international committee of experts and industry organisations.

Previous ICOE events have been held in Spain, Nova Scotia, France, Germany and Ireland. The 2016 event reflects the UKs growing stature as a world-leader in the development of marine renewables.

Orkneys European Marine Energy Centre, Edinburghs unique FloWave test tank and Wave Hub in Cornwall all combine best-in-the-world facilities, supply chains and knowledge, and host marine renewable developers from Australia, Germany, Finland, Canada and France, among others.

The ICOE conference and exhibition is being organised by RenewableUK in partnership with Scottish Renewables.

Maria McCaffery, Chief Executive of RenewableUK said: "Wave and tidal energy is on the cusp of fulfilling its great commercial potential and Scotland has played an immensely important role in furthering its development.

"I cant think of a better place in the world than Edinburgh to be hosting such a prestigious international event."

Niall Stuart, Chief Executive of Scottish Renewables, said: "Wave and tidal power could make a huge contribution to the global demand for clean energy if we can take the technology to a commercial scale.

"The UK - and particularly Scotland - are leading the way in the development and testing of these devices, with the worlds largest consented tidal stream project having started construction off Scotlands north coast this year (2015). Were delighted to welcome the worlds ocean energy experts to Edinburgh to look at how we take the industry to the next level."

The event will hear from recognised international speakers on topics including:

* Knowledge sharing: collaboration around the world
* Learning from other industries, including offshore wind and oil and gas
* Research into environmental impacts
* Integrating marine renewables into the electricity grid - and using them where that grid doesnt exist
* Emerging markets for ocean energy, such as Asia and South America
* Niche applications of ocean energy technologies
* The benefits of testing in both tank and real-sea conditions
* The potential for ocean energy to become cost-competitive with fossil fuel generation around the world.

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