seebaWIND expects new service contracts for wind farms with 150 megawatts capacity in 2016

The showing of independent service provider seebaWIND Service at HUSUM Wind was a great success. The trade fair, which took place from 15 to 18 September in Husum, brought the company new customers and enquiries about service contracts for Germany and abroad.

The bankability of seebaWINDs full maintenance contracts has been optimised - the company is now part of Deutsche Windtechnik. seebaWINDs engineering department won over the visitors with its new control unit.

Independent service provider seebaWIND exhibited in the North Frisian town for the first time as part of Deutsche Windtechnik. The Bremen-based enterprise took seebaWIND over in June 2015. "The feedback was very positive", said a delighted seebaWIND sales director Jörg Fuchs, adding: "The cooperation with Deutsche Windtechnik gives us access to the main players at home and abroad. In the four days of the fair alone we were able to establish contacts that give us the prospect of service contracts in 2016 for a total capacity of over 150 megawatts."

Deutsche Kreditbank AG confirms seebaWIND as full maintenance provider

The joint full maintenance contracts of seebaWIND and Deutsche Windtechnik assure high yields. Under these contracts, all spare parts, including large components, can be delivered at short notice. Deutsche Windtechniks insurance concept additionally safeguards the contractual services in the event of mechanical breakdown and operational interruption. In addition to flexible maturities of up to 20 years after commissioning, the contracts also include exit options. This is what also convinced Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB), which financed its first wind project in 1996 and now looks after one of the biggest portfolios in Germany. "DKB confirmed our bankability at the trade fair and classified the financing conditions of our full maintenance contracts as manufacturer-standard", explained seebaWIND managing director Severin Mielimonka. "This means that we are the alternative to the manufacturer from the very start."

This does not just apply to service contracts, but also for upgrades and optimisation concepts: since 2014, seebaWIND has continuously expanded its engineering department and developed new solutions for increasing yields. The newest products include the WP 3100 Mk II control unit, which the service provider had developed in collaboration with Danish partner Mita-Teknik. The plant computer has a compact design, can provide system services and ensures higher yields. It is also DSL-capable ex works - another bonus point, bearing in mind that ISDN services are due to be discontinued in the near future. "There was a great deal of demand for the new control unit. The fair was definitely a great success for us", said Fuchs.

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