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For more than 15 years Webdyn designs and industrialises material and software solutions for M2M communication on the Energy, Environment, Smart Grids and Transport markets. Webdyn is a European leader of supplying multi-protocols concentrators which cover all the applications of teleservices and the monitoring. With competitive and flexible products, Webdyn covers the entire management of your distant equipments. With proven experience, Webdyn spreads its expertise to endpoints RF and gateways PLC-G3 to respond to its customers. Webdyn is present in several European countries and has an office in India.

We are a French company engaged in M2M remote monitoring solutions for Solar PV. It is my pleasure to introduce "Webdynsun" - The powerful Solar PV remote monitoring solution.

As we know by their very nature, photovoltaic installations tend to be in hard-to-reach places - whether they are in the roof of an office building or a remote outdoor location. Therefore, managing the solar plant requires physical visits to the location, which can be time-consuming and costly. This is true even when the array is at top of a skyscraper in the middle of a big city.

Industry experts like you estimate that an annual site visit to a PV installation can cost up to four times more than establishing and maintaining a remote monitoring system. Moreover, regular visits do not represent any guarantee against system failures, whereas remote monitoring typically helps detect and troubleshoot technical problems before they can become real system failures.

The WebdynSun gateway is the solution for monitoring your photovoltaic systems. It monitors, collects and analyses the data from your photovoltaic plant remotely and in real time. The gateway combines all the indicators output from the inverters, electric meters and external sensors (sunshine, temperature and so on) in a single unit. It is designed for the preventive and curative remote maintenance of the plant and real-time monitoring of electrical power generation.
The gateway not only provides the opportunity to offer additional after-sales services to your customers, but also gives feedback on the equipment used in your architecture. The gateway optimises the range of products offered to your customers, while also maximising the output from your systems.

The Webdynsun hardware platform consists of an extremely compact unit compatible with DIN Rail standards for electric boards. This unit houses all the dedicated interfaces of the plant, the wireline network interfaces (Ethernet and STN), and the wireless network interfaces (GPRS).
The basic functions of the Webdynsun gateway supervise:
• An inverter bus : up to 100 inverters
• Three electric meters with a French protocol TIC,
• Irradiance, temperature, wind flow, hygrometry sensors,
• On-off inputs/outputs (4-2),
• Modbus interface (display, circuit breaker, etc.),
• Two pulse inputs for meter index.


The WebdynSun gateway operates in advance data logging mode. From a configuration file and/or local HTML interface, which describes all the equipment comprising the plant (inverters, meters, sensors, etc.), the WebdynSun gateway scans and collects the data related to each item of equipment.
This data is then formatted (csv) and sent periodically over the GPRS, Ethernet or telephone network to a central server. According to the state of some of these variables, alarms may be triggered and sent by the system in real time. Conversely, the gateway can receive command files from the central server to operate the actuators.
The WebdynSun is a fully Plug and Play solution. When first powered on, the gateway connects using an IP address to a factory server and downloads the full configuration: hardware, server address, data format, collection frequency, etc. When the configuration is complete, data collection can commence automatically and periodically. The gateway configuration and firmware can be remotely updated.

Gateway services
Alarm notification :
- Equipment overheating
- Under-generation
- Stop
- Inverter alarms

Remote maintenance :
- Preventive
- Curative
- Fewer call-outs

Monitoring / Installation safety :
- Attempted theft

Improved guarantees; inclusion of a power generation guarantee offers
- Remote control: modify inverter parameters, On / Off
- Generation summary: store raw data, process and transfer
- Real-time monitoring: remote readings at regular intervals, specific queries
- Pool data from different sources: inverters, sunshine, temperature and consumption sensors

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