Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies Launches World's Smallest Methanol Reformer Enabled Fuel Cell System

They key advantage of the MFC Mini stems from the high energy density and low-cost nature of its fuel, which blends an industrial methanol and water.

SINGAPORE--Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies (HFCT) has launched the worlds lightest and most compact reformer based fuel cell system. Enabled by the companys low-cost methanol reformer technology, the MFC Mini opens new commercial possibilities so far unpractical for any type of fuel cell system.

They key advantage of the MFC Mini stems from the high energy density and low-cost nature of its fuel, which blends an industrial methanol and water. The energy density of the fuel mixture is over 1,000Wh per kg, around ten times the energy density of lithium batteries.

This new fuel cell enabled power system enables extremely long field autonomy for small 12V DC equipment used in industrial settings, and opens possibilities for cost-effective, reliable power in remote un-electrified areas. This could be particularly valuable in locations where typical generator fuels arent readily available, but where bio-methanol could be produced locally from biomass.

Weighing less than 9kg, the fully integrated DC power system is an easy choice for backing up or optimising small format solar systems, as well as providing attractive endurance capability for systems requiring frequent battery changes to sustain continuous operations.

Unlike small generators, the MFC Mini is quiet and can be operated indoors. Since it supplies direct DC power via the integrated fuel cell, it is also much more efficient than generators. The environmental benefits of such systems are enormous, while enabling significant operational cost savings.

Offering up to 100W continuous power, the MFC Mini is the smallest of Horizons methanol reformer integrated fuel cell products. The wider product family includes power systems capable of continuously producing up to 5,000W in larger scale formats.

Initial applications for the MFC Mini are off-grid security and environmental monitoring for industrial customers. However, Horizon is already in discussion with major consumer product companies looking to develop consumer products based on the MFC Mini platform.

HFCT is a world leader in low power PEM fuel cell systems, and in recent years has worked on coupling new methanol reformer technology to its existing range of low-cost PEM fuel cell products. Together with the convenience of a liquid and cost-effective fuel, the combination of these two technologies provides new power solutions that augment solar and battery systems and/or replace small portable generator systems used in many field sensor applications.

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