Who to Watch as Lithium Boom Rocks Nevada

Lithium is still making significant gains for investors looking to get in on the next big energy game.

LONDON, December 1, 2015 -- As the energy storage revolution gains rapid momentum, with Nevada as ground zero, lithium exploration company Dajin Resources Corp. (TSX-V:DJI) (DJIFF) (Frankfurt A1XF20) is poised for long-term gains as the everyday commodity prepares for an explosive demand spike.

While other commodities flounder, Lithium is still making significant gains for investors looking to get in on the next big energy game. Carried along by already steady demand from the consumer electronics market, lithium demand is set to spike even further as Tesla's (NASDAQ: TSLA) battery gigafactory comes online in Nevada, sparking massive competition that will render lithium one of the most prized commodities on Earth.

Most of the world's lithium comes from Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Australia and China, but American resources are now being developed that will position Nevada as the proving ground for the game-changing trade in lithium.

The reality of the battery gigafactories is now clear, and nothing has hit this home more poignantly than Tesla's recent supply agreements with lithium providers, who will be the first beneficiaries of this boom.

The newest entrant-Dajin Resources Corp--has two projects in Nevada with exploration already well underway. Both are located close to the only producing lithium mine in the US.

Dajin's 3,800-acre strategic Alkali Lake project is only 12 kilometers from the producing Rockwood Lithium Mine, where surface sampling has already confirmed the presence of near-surface lithium. And its 3,000-plus-acre strategic Teels Marsh project in the Mineral County desert lake basin is only some 40 miles from Rockwood. Both projects are 100% owned by Dajin.

Dajin is also advancing a third asset in lithium-rich Argentina, with its 100%-owned Salinas Grandes Salar in Jujuy Province.

But right now, it's all about Nevada--the front line of the North American lithium boom. This is where lithium can be found in brines, which is the most cost-effective lithium on the market and promises to render the US state the global lithium game-changer.

There are very few American properties like Dajin's, with an aquifer and a closed deep basin containing lithium. And with the lithium rush in full swing, public and private companies are rushing to stake their ground. Land values are set to explode and that Dajin-a critical early entrant--is sitting on golden property speaks volumes about the company's potential.

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