Climeon's groundbreaking heat-power solution wins prestigious award for marine energy savings

/INS. Climeon AB has been awarded "Technology Innovation Award" by the multinational consulting and analytical firm Frost & Sullivan for its groundbreaking heat power solution. Frost and Sullivan rates Climeon Ocean as #1 industry solution for Marine Waste Heat Recovery. Climeon Ocean uses low temperature heat and converts it into 100% clean electricity.

November 17th, 2015, Climeon was awarded "Technology Innovation Award" at the "Excellence in Best Practice Award Banquet" hosted by Frost & Sullivan in Frankfurt, Germany. Frost and Sullivan also released a report on Marine Waste Heat Recovery Solutions rating Climeon as #1 with a scoring of 9,2 (excellent) on a scale from 1-10.

In their report Frost & Sullivan conclude that the technology "provides customers with superior operating efficiency" and that Climeon delivers "a high return on investment" to its customers.

- Its a great honor for us winning such a prestigious award, says Climeon CEO Thomas Öström.

In their conclusion Frost & Sullivan states that they "…fully expect this system to take off within the marine industry". Key benefits from the system include:

• Up to 14% efficiency
• Typically, around ~5% fuel savings for marine installations
• Typically, around ~5% CO2 reductions
• Well suited for all ships with >5MW engines
• Designed for new-build as well as retrofit

Climeon Ocean is a system that converts hot water between 70-120 oC into 100% clean electricity. The system is scalable from 150 kW up to 1 MW. Each unit can help customers reduce CO2 emissions up to 5 000 metric tons per year.

- No commercially available technology can convert water at 90 degrees Celsius to electricity with reasonable efficiency but the Climeon system exceeds 50 percent of the theoretical maximum of 18 percent, said Krishna Venkataramani, Frost & Sullivan Senior Research Analyst

With its record high efficiency and compact design, the solution does this at a cost typically lower than traditional energy sources, such as coal and oil. As a consequence, this clean electricity source becomes a true alternative energy source with a potential to significantly impact the global CO2 emissions.

About Climeon:

Climeons vision is to make the world better via brilliant innovations. Climeons mission is to make customers more successful by challenging established truths. The groundbreaking Climeon Ocean solution converts hot water into electricity with attractive payback times.

For further information, please contact:

Climeon CEO Thomas Ostrom is available for interviews to be booked through
For media contacts please contact David Ekberg,, Tel.: +46 10-160 44 33

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