Solar Farm Developer of Utility Scale Projects Plans Expansion

The solar farm industry is experiencing dramatic growth and ISS has plans to be a dominant player.

ASHEVILLE, N.C., Dec. 16, 2015 -- One of the largest developers of utility scale solar farm projects in the United States, Innovative Solar Systems LLC, (ISS) has announced it will seek to raise capital to expand operations. The solar industry is growing rapidly and ISS is growing with it. ISS has a portfolio of projects that total over 2 GW and has plans to more than double its portfolio to over 5 GW by 2018. The solar farm industry is experiencing dramatic growth and ISS has plans to be a dominant player. "ISS wants to take its business to the next level and this can be accomplished with a sizable infusion of cash," states John Green, ISS CEO.

ISS has developed and sold projects in North Carolina but the company has begun working in other states throughout the US. The plan is to expand into up to 12 states and to take projects through to the NTP and COD stages, providing the opportunity for higher returns.

ISS is considered one of the most trusted solar developers in the country. The company uses tried and tested Tier 1 technology in all its developments to ensure its solar facilities will last with minimum maintenance for as long as possible. In addition it has more projects in its pipeline than any other developer in the industry. Solar energy, and other types of clean renewable energy are decreasing our country's carbon footprint and strengthening the reliability of the power grid in the US.

An investment in ISS is a win/win for all interested parties. ISS will be able to become a dominant player in the market and the investor will have the ability to gain full access to ISS projects as well as receive and attractive rate of return over the period of its investment.

For more information and to learn about this financial opportunity, please call ISS CEO John Green, directly at (828)215-9064 or e-mail

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