Ginlong Solis Provides String Inverters to the World Largest Solar Canopy (Guinness World Record)

Ginlong Solis Provides String Inverters to the World Largest Solar Canopy (Guinness World Record)

Recently, a news spreads out that the world largest solar canopy will be built at Hangzhou Bay in China. It was said that this solar canopy will have an installed capacity of 55MW upon completion, and 20,000 parking-lots with the size of 20 soccer fields, for sheltering the finished car products of Volkswagen and the cars of its employees. After hearing about the announcement made by the solar panel manufacturer for this project, people begin to inquiry about the inverter vendor of choice. The responsible person for the project disclosed that the Solis string inverter solution is provided by Ginlong (Ningbo) Technologies.

This solar canopy project is not the first of this kind for Volkswagen, the world leading car manufacturing. Back in October 2014, its Nanjing plant invested in RMB 120 Million to complete a distributed generation solar canopy with an installed capacity of 13MW, which has been interconnected to the grid and generating power for more than a year. The large ground-mount solar canopies rolled out by Shanghai Volkswagen seem to be aligned with its corporate strategic objective for sustainability.

The string inverter solution implemented at this Volkswagen solar canopy, to certain degree, shows that the large ground-mount utility-scale solar farm market is no longer dominated by the central inverter solution. With the ripening of the string inverter technologies, the market gradually acknowledges and accepts the advantages of the string solution, such as great system design flexibility, minimum power loss during equipment failures, lowest life-time maintenance cost, and the string level MPPT optimization etc.

The era of mass adoption of string inverter solution has just started. Ginlong Solis 36kW string inverter, with its unique 4 (Four) MPPT maximum power point tracking technology, outstanding performance and high reliability, will ensure the long-term reliable operation of this solar canopy project.

About Ginlong Technologies

Ginlong Technologies is the world leading specialist in manufacturing PV and wind grid-tied inverters. The Solis inverter represents a well-respected, value priced brand from Ginlong Technologies, founded in 2005. Since achieving UK G83 certificate in 2006, Ginlong Technologies has led the inverter innovations for next generation. Ginlong solis inverter products have been shipped to over 60 countries. Ginlong Technologies is one of the worlds largest inverter manufacturers with a long history for distributed generation.

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