Gantner Instruments presents new monitoring solutions for utility-scale PV plants at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi

The leading independent PV monitoring company, Gantner Instruments, is presenting its latest solutions for monitoring, data collection and plant control at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi from January 18 to 21. With offices in Europe, Asia and the US, and representatives in 32 countries, the company has developed efficient solutions for maximizing the performance of PV systems, reducing downtime, increasing yield and maintaining international standards.

The new solution for monitoring on string level "string.bloxx All-in-one" recognizes design and production errors with high resolution down to PV module level. It combines DC measurement, fuses, overvoltage protection and communication, leading to an improved ROI and a cost reduction of 30 per cent compared with standard concepts. The significant reduction of interfaces leads to reduced risk and faster plant installation time.

Gantner Instruments will also be presenting the Q.reader control unit at the summit, which is a compact solution for logging and controlling, as well as its independent real-time analysis platform for data acquisition and effective O&M activities, the gantner.webportal. In addition to data acquisition, the portal is also a platform for storage and control, which offers investors solid and reliable information enabling them to evaluate their PV portfolio performance and develop preventive maintenance strategies.

"The need for accurate PV testing to maximize the yield, reduce the risks and deliver supportive functions to contribute to grid stability is growing worldwide", says Juergen Sutterlueti, Head of Energy Segment and Business Development at Gantner Instruments. He adds: "It is our aim to be the best partner for cost effective renewable energy generation, and to provide the best solutions for monitoring and controlling utility scale projects worldwide."

About Gantner Instruments

Gantner Instruments was founded in 1982. With offices in Germany, Austria, China, France, India and the US, and more than 3 GW of installed PV monitoring, Gantner Instruments is one of the biggest independent PV monitoring companies worldwide. The PV business unit, Gantner Instruments Environmental Solutions, has established itself in PV monitoring and control business with highest product accuracy and reliability. The company has access to a global PV expert network and several collaborations with leading institutes.

At the World Future Energy Summit, visitors can find the company at booth no. 7323. In addition, Juergen Sutterlueti will speak at the summit's TechTalks about the "Cost/Benefit Analysis of Advanced Monitoring for Utility Scale PV projects: Improved LCoE due to PV Performance Understanding, Optimization and Prediction" on January 19 at 12:20 p.m.

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