New Location will serve the growing number of clients

Düsseldorf / Liverpool (UK) - January 25th 2016 - ENTRADE Energiesysteme AG expands its UK operations out of Knowlsey Industrial Park in Liverpool area. The cleantech company provides power and heat for a 3600 square meter large warehouse facility. The facility will serve as the new operative node for the UK network of partners and clients. ENTRADEs Operations & Maintenance staff is based at the new location and will serve the growing number of clients that have signed up for a Monitoring & Service Package that allows ENTRADE to stay on top and remotely control and therefore guarantee a higher uptime than normally.

Innovative and close-loop concept development is at the core of the scale up strategy in the UK. The company has partnered with pioneering waste recycling company Tidy Planet for food waste recycling from international airports. The customized fuel developed at the ENTRADE Biomass Research Centre solves a gigantic and global waste issue while providing a cheaper feedstock for biomass power and heat.

Cllr Mike Murphy, Knowsleys Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Development said: "Im delighted to welcome ENTRADE to Knowsley and I am pleased that the council was able to help the business find suitable premises. It is wonderful news that another international business has chosen to base itself here in Knowsley, reinforcing that Knowsley is a great place to do business. The creation of new jobs is an additional boost for Knowsley and the Liverpool City Region."

Currently, the company is recruiting new operative staff as well as technical staff for its in-house Project Development Department. Peter Eaton, ENTRADEs UK Operations Manager is leading the way for the new UK based team. Peter Eaton says: "with more presence and support provided in the United Kingdom we can ensure that we can make it affordable and easy to sign up for renewable heat and power in Britain." With the new ENTRADE Biomass Research Centre coupled with technical O&M Centre, according to Peter Eaton the company is set to create up to 50 qualified jobs in the Liverpool area in the near term.

Tomkinson cuts its heat and power bill
In Macclesfield, Tomkinson Heating Ltd. has cut its heat and power bill for 2015 with an E3 unit that runs off standardized wood pellets that are available as a commodity fuel across UK these days. The unit is set to run for over 8,000 hours annually with the current uptime filed for June 2015. The technology allows anybody anywhere to gain independence from the utility companies or go completely off-grid while making money at the same time.

Power for an industrial scale greenhouse
Another client nearby is powering an industrial scale greenhouse off the E3 modular and mobile power plant. By capturing carbon dioxide from the biomass pyrolysis process we can replace natural gas and the burning of fossil fuels for power production for the industrial greenhouses. Julien Uhlig, Chief Executive Office at Entrade says "this is a carbon negative technology concept and it is great business at the same time. This is the future of waste-to-energy and just another way we disrupt the energy industry."

On Monday the 25th of January the company is hosting an open day at the facilities and welcomes prospective partners and interested clients to get to know the E3 - biomass Combined Heat and Power system (CHP). The event will be hosted by Entrade CEO Julien Uhlig.

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