Something New Under the Portland Sun

MIT Spinoff Mapdwell Launches First Website for All Portlanders to Discover Their Solar Potential, Explore Their Options and Connect With Local Installers, Making Solar Exciting and Simple

BOSTON, Feb. 15, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mapdwell®, the leader in urban solar mapping, launched Solar System™ Portland Metro, the most advanced online rooftop-solar tool available. Solar System provides detailed and accurate information to over 2.2 million Portlanders, helping businesses and home-owners visualize their solar opportunity and take action.

Solar System reveals 8 gigawatts of high-yield photovoltaic potential that could deliver over 8 million megawatt-hours per year capable of powering over 700,000 American homes with clean, renewable solar energy. "Portlands sunny 570,000+ roofs span over 470 square miles, making Portland Metro our largest project so far," said Eduardo Berlin, CEO at Mapdwell. "This is a $28 billion opportunity for Oregons clean energy industry, which could offset carbon emissions equivalent to planting 135 million trees. Mapdwell is here to help Oregon work with the sun."
The technology was developed by the companys team at M.I.T. Mapdwells award-winning online platform is the first solar mapping tool that allows everyone to understand their solar potential through an exciting experience and a detailed cost/benefit analysis that includes comprehensive financial, technical and environmental metrics.
Solar System Portland Metro provides the community with an effective model for crowdsourcing the clean energy economy and creating value through distributed generation. The platform allows users to connect with local installers by sharing their solar reports, simplifying going solar and enabling customers and professionals to speak the same language.
This launch consolidates Mapdwells pilot project in parts of Washington County - originally sponsored by the Energy Trust of Oregon - and is part of Mapdwells strategic expansion to all key solar markets and builds upon the companys success since its establishment in Cambridge, Mass in 2013. Solar System is available in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, New York, Washington DC, and selected international locations.
This launch builds upon Mapdwells innovative model: to visualize hidden opportunity for wealth and well-being for everyone, everywhere by mapping a sustainable world. Mapdwell is proud to support communities across the United States in promoting education, spreading knowledge, and increasing adoption of renewable energy sources. Through its powerful global platform, unique model, and groundbreaking technology, Mapdwell remains the top innovator and industry leader in the field.
Solar System Portland Metro is available today at:
About Mapdwell®
Mapdwell is a clean tech M.I.T. spin-off, founded in 2013 and focusing in providing information at the consumer level to drive collective sustainability. Mapdwell‘s mission is to visualize hidden opportunity for wealth and well-being for everyone, everywhere by mapping a sustainable world. Mapdwell delivers meaningful information through powerful and engaging decision-making tools that transform complex data into access, action and progress.
Mapdwell was one of 15 high-impact, early stage companies at the 2013 SXSW Eco Startup Springboard. Solar System™ won the Fast Companys 2014 Innovation by Design Awards, alongside Reebok, Nike, Disney and others. Mapdwell was one in ten finalists for 2015 Sustainia100 solutions for a sustainable world.
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Introducing RockIt Smart Slide

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