Eco Wave Power Aims World Leadership in Wave Energy

The Company Finalizes Installation in Gibraltar, Wins "Deal of the Year" Award by AI Magazine for Investment Round led by Pirveli, and Receives Nomination for "CEO of the Year" and" Excellence of the year in sustainability & Leadership" by IAIR Magazine

It has been a great start to 2016 for wave energy Company Eco Wave Power which completed construction and entered the testing phase of its first commercial scale power plant in Gibraltar (see video:, and will soon hold an official press conference, with the participation of the Government of Gibraltar, for the start of operation of the Power Station in the Rock.

Travelling to the economic sector, EWP also received EU funding for its ambitious pioneering project in Gibraltar and simultaneously recognized by Acquisition International Magazine (AI Magazine) for Israel Energy & Resources Deal of the Year" for successfully closing its first fund-raising round led by Pirveli Ventures .

David Oren, the managing partner of Pirveli Ventures expressed the following praise of the company: "The future is very promising for Eco Wave Power who will complete a 5MW power station in Gibraltar and continue to the execution of its 111 MW pipeline."

The two minds behind EWP have been recognized for their efforts as well. Mr. David Leb and Ms. Inna Braverman, EWP's co-founders, are nominated for "CEO of the year" award by IAIR, due to their impressive co-management of Eco Wave Power. The co-founders are nominated due to Their Leadership (as seen in their personal capacity to lead their team to ambitious results), Inspiration (for their job as a charismatic role models for the team, for their business community and for country), Innovation (for the creation of new successful business models, new activities and advancements of the business abroad and for their) and Social Responsibility (which includes all the activities to promote human resources, diversity, sustainable initiatives, and positive social impact of Eco Wave Power).

IAIR Awards also notified that EWP is nominated for an additional award for Excellence in Global Economy and Sustainability. This is thanks to Eco Wave Power's emphasis on Sustainability and mainly the Promotion of a better quality of life and environmental choices, providing healthy, productive, significant activities inside the company and for the community Business results based on Financial performances, growth, revenue maximization, Leadership in Company's Field: Representing a leading service or product in its niche during challenging economic contingencies, Green Initiatives: Conserving and protecting natural resources through environmental stewardship and protecting human rights to health, Strategic Development: Understanding the needs of your clients, focusing your business to the most strategic markets, High Quality of Service: Combining the best practices to implementation methods in order to achieve the best product or service that satisfies customers, and Innovation in Company's Field: Developing technological improvements aimed at meeting customer demand in a changing environment, improving supply chain performance, and mitigating risk.

David Leb and Inna Braverman stated that "Eco Wave power believes that these awards and nominations are the result of hard work, determination, devotion, vision and passion. Eco Wave Power Company is a true demonstration of team work and passion driven success. Eco Wave Power is on the right track and we can all look forward to a brighter, Eco Wave powered future!"

The need for renewable energy is undeniable. On the country level and even in day to day occasions there is an ongoing emphasis on the protection of the earth. "Climate change is real […] it is happening right now, it is the most urgent threat affecting our species, we need to work together and stop procrastinating […] Let us not take this planet for granted" -Leonardo DiCaprio (United Nations Messenger of peace)

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