Toledo Zoo solar array featured at Ohio EPA’s Ohio Brownfield Conference 2016

The Toledo Zoo solar array will be featured at the Ohio EPA's Ohio Brownfield Conference 2016 on April 6 and 7, with speakers from GEM Energy, of the Rudolph Libbe Group; TTL Associates, Inc.; and the city of Toledo.

COLUMBUS, OHIO (March 29, 2016) - The Toledo Zoo solar array will be featured at the Ohio EPA's Ohio Brownfield Conference 2016 on April 6 and 7.

Guest speakers for the event include Jason Slattery, director of solar, GEM Energy, the developer and installer of the solar array; Doug Jambard-Sweet, project manager, TTL Associates Inc., which performed environmental due diligence; and Marc Gerdeman, brownfield redevelopment officer for the city of Toledo.

The presentation will focus on the redevelopment of the 22-acre vacant former industrial site into a 10.45-acre solar array which generates about 2 megawatts of electricity for the Toledo Zoo through a power purchase agreement.

The 28,000-panel solar array is the largest in the nation to supply power to a zoo and provides more than 30 percent of the Toledo Zoo's electricity needs. The zoo uses an average of 8 million kilowatt hours of electricity each year, and the solar array produces nearly 3 million kilowatt hours of that total.

The array was a collaborative effort between GEM Energy, the Toledo mayor's office, Toledo city council and the Lucas County Land Bank, with no financial investment by the zoo.

The solar array has dramatically reduced the zoo's carbon footprint and emissions, equal to:
> Reducing 1,976 tons of carbon emissions per year
> Taking 377 passenger cars off the road
> Powering 164 average U.S. homes

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