Innovative Sicrys™ Conductive Inks Launch In Asian Market

PV Nano Cell Signs Agreement with Korean Distributor ADST, Enabling Mass Production of Printed Electronics Now in Three Continents

MIGDAL HAEMEK, ISRAEL - April 6, 2016 - PV Nano Cell, producer of SicrysTM single-crystal nanometric conductive digital inks, announced today that it has signed an agreement with Korean distributor ADST, a leading electronics provider, as part of its launch into the Korean market. Through its significant network in the electronics sector, ADST focuses on bringing high-tech solutions into Korea. On the heels of its U.S. and European launch last year, PV Nano Cell seeks to bring its innovation into the Asian market, responding to high demand in the region for the mass production of printed electronics.

"Entering the Asian market and partnering with ADST is an exciting step for us, as ADST has vast experience in a variety of markets including solar, electronics and nanomaterials," said PV Nano Cell CEO, Fernando de la Vega. "As the printed electronics market expands, our versatile Sicrys ™ inks will play a role in many of the sectors with which ADST is connected. We look forward to seeing what 2016 has in store, in the United States and Europe, as well as throughout Asia through this new venture."

PV Nano Cell (PVN) has developed innovative, nanometric conductive inks that will enable the mass production of printed electronics, which can bring intelligence to virtually any object by facilitating the use of fast, inexpensive inkjet printing technologies. PV Nano Cells Sicrys™ conductive inks enable 2.5D and 3D printed electronics and are currently used in a variety of applications including photovoltaics, printed circuit boards, sensors, antennas, and touchscreens. The nanometric inks can be used on flexible substrates such as plastic, fabric or even paper and in aquoeus environments. Advancements in 3D printed electronics that are enabled by Sicrys™ inks allow for cost savings by reducing capital requirements for machinery and tooling, reducing assembly and material costs, shrinking supply chain requirements and enabling faster production.

"PV Nano Cell has truly disrupted the printed electronics industry with its adaptable innovation," said YJ Shim, founder and CEO of ADST. "PV Nano Cells Sicrys™ inks will allow for substantial advancements in the Korean market and we are thrilled to be working with them."

ADST is a global leader in advanced technologies for many innovation-oriented, research-focused groups as well as systems, components, and materials manufacturers, from the fields of composites, semiconductors, microelectromechanical systems and nano technologies, among others. ADST is well-known in the industry for being involved in the latest technology and newly diversified markets. ADSTs knowledge of various industry applications for equipment, process and material connects well with PV Nano Cells business model and turnkey approach, providing customers with all assets necessary for project completion.

About PV Nano Cell

PV Nano Cells Sicrys™ is a single-crystal, nanometric silver conductive ink delivering enhanced performance. Sicrys™ is also available in copper-based form, delivering all of the products properties and advantages with improved cost efficiency. Sicrys™ silver conductive inks are used all over the world in a range of industrial inkjet printing applications, including photovoltaics, printed circuit boards, antennas, RFID, sensors, smart cards, touchscreens and advanced packaging. For more information, please visit

About ADST

Founded in August of 1992 as Jinsan Scientific Co., Ltd., ADST Co., Ltd. is a leader in introducing and providing innovative new technology to its customers in the materials and systems fields. With over 30 years of experience and strong relationships in the field ADSTs strong management team and aggressive sales and marketing team have established them as a powerhouse in the industry.

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