UniEnergy Technologies Announces Next Utility Deployment of UniSystem(TM) with Terna in Sicily, Italy

The UET solution deployed by Terna will be a Uni.System™, also deployed in the United States. UET's partners in the project are SAET for system integration, Rongke Power for flow battery systems, and Vanadis Power for sales and service in Europe.

MUKILTEO, Wash., April 22, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- UniEnergy Technologies (UET), the leading flow battery solution provider, announces a 450kW/1440kWh utility-scale energy storage system for a Terna utility substation in Ciminna, Italy on the island of Sicily. The owner of the Italian High Voltage National Transmission Grid, Terna is the largest independent transmission system operator in Europe and the sixth in the world.

The UET solution deployed by Terna will be a Uni.System™, also deployed in the United States. UET's partners in the project are SAET for system integration, Rongke Power for flow battery systems, and Vanadis Power for sales and service in Europe.

The project awarded by Terna to UET and its partners is part of Terna's "Storage Lab" program, which in Phase 1 consists of 16MW of energy storage systems at two sites in Sicily and Sardinia. Based on the results of Phase 1 including from the Uni.System, an additional 24MW of energy storage systems will be installed as a Phase 2 by Terna.

UET's core technology is an advanced vanadium flow battery, with a new generation electrolyte first developed at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) with the support of the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Electricity. UET has improved the electrolyte further and patented those improvements in addition to innovations in system integration and other technology. Globally, only UET has megawatt-scale fully containerized flow battery systems deployed and operating in the field. UET now has almost 10MW/40MWh of energy storage systems deployed or ordered by customers, including for utility, independent power producer, microgrid, and commercial & industrial applications.

"We are extremely proud to be a key provider of our utility-scale Uni.System solution to Terna for its energy storage program," said Gary Yang, President and CEO of UET. "Major customers like Terna are now validating that UET's flow battery solutions are leading in the large and growing energy storage market. UET has superior performance including no limits on cycles or use of stored energy, better reliability and scalability, low support cost, and a flammability international rating of 0."

About UET

Founded in 2012 in the U.S.A. as part of a larger group commenced in 2006, UET provides turn-key, megawatt-scale energy storage solutions that deliver the full range of power and energy applications for utility, independent power producer, microgrid, and commercial/industrial customers. Those applications can be combined or "stacked" to provide maximum value to the customer. UET's solutions are differentiated by (i) a new generation electrolyte with double the energy density, much broader temperature range than conventional vanadium, and 100% recyclability, (ii) a plug & play ISO containerized design with a compact footprint, (iii) proven, high-performance large-scale stacks with 15 years of development, 9 years of field deployment, and hundreds deployed, and (iv) state of the art controls with DNP3 protocols and power electronics supporting IEEE1547, the Standard for Interconnecting Distributed Resources with Electric Power Systems. UET's water-based technology is versatile, inherently safe, at least 20 year life, reliable, and economically compelling. The Uni.System™ deployed for Avista Utilities in Pullman, Washington, U.S.A., is the largest deployed flow battery in North America and Europe; providing frequency and voltage regulation, renewable integration, peak shaving, ramping, demand charge reduction, and microgrid support. UET is based near Seattle, WA, operating a 60,000 square foot engineering & manufacturing facility.

About SAET

SAET has been operating for over fifty years in the energy field, in systems and plants for the production, and in the transmission and the distribution of electric energy by power plants, utilities and industrial plants both in Italy and abroad. SAET's main experiences in this field are turnkey H.V. substations, MV-LV distribution systems, protection metering & control systems, electric network supervision of SCADA, DCS, PLC control systems. Starting from 2012, SAET entered the energy storage market that was at its early beginnings in Italy. In a few years SAET became one of the leaders in system integration for energy storage solutions; being awarded of 8 projects based on different battery technologies and applications.

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