24TH EUROPEAN BIOMASS CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION, 6-9 June 2016, RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The European Biomass Conference and Exhibition celebrates this year its 24th edition in Amsterdam. With a full agenda of horizontal topics the EUBCE is a key event for the biomass and bioenergy community. A unique platform promoting the transfer of knowledge and expertise among research, industry and policy makers to identify and enable smart solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.


The Conference Programme of the EUBCE spans across solid biomass, liquid and gaseous biofuels for power heat, transport and bio-based chemicals, covering all aspects of each value chain, from supply to logistics, to conversion technologies, industrial projects, policies, market and trade aspects.

The EUBCE attracts visitors from all over the world. This year more than 1500 international delegates from more than 500 international organisations from more than 70 countries are expected. Moreover, the conference has the support of international institutions such as The European Commission, UNESCO, WCRE- The World Council for Renewable Energy, EUBIA - The European Biomass Industry Association.

The Conference Programme of the 24th EUBCE includes this year 7 plenary sessions, 71 oral and visual sessions, 4 Parallel Events, 8 Workshops, 310 scientific oral presentations and more than 400 visual presentations thoroughly selected by independent International Committees made of more than 140 experts in their respective fields under the coordination of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. An up-to-date programme providing prompt answers to the evolving international policy debate and giving a glance into the most innovative and advanced industry projects
The EUBCE 2016 Conference Programme is structured along the following main topics:
• Biomass Resources
• Biomass Conversion Technologies For Heating, Cooling And Electricity
• Biomass Conversion Technologies For Liquid And Gaseous Fuels, Chemicals And Materials
• Biomass Policies, Markets And Sustainability
• Bioenergy In Integrated Energy Systems

The issues of international cooperation, biomass and bioenergy as well as the policy scenarios, support measures, legislative framework, strategies and action plans in EU member states and worldwide are presented and discussed during the event by leading experts providing useful insights to decision makers and contributing to the evolution of sector policies.

Building on the success of the previous editions, the 24th EUBCE Exhibition, running parallel to the event, is once again the ideal platform to keep in touch with the latest market developments and technology trends while networking in an international business context.

For further information: www.eubce.com, email: biomass.conference@etaflorence.it; tel. +39 0555002280

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