When Tesla come with Carport

When the increasing awareness of new energy , Tesla Model 3 has come to market with a more affordable price ,so where can we get the endless electricity?

With the increasing awareness of new energy, the huge potential market of the electric car is expected to accelerate. Tesla Model 3, published on April 1st,the most favorable price than before, has attracted a crowd queuing orders. This new model 3 appeals more customers with a better price and updated shape, which will strongly promote the popularity among the world. However, the new energy electric car industry chain and related services not only the car itself, but also need to be combined with the charging infrastructure, parking areas etc. The construction of charging station is the foundation for electric vehicles to grow popularity. For grid-independent, all using solar energy as an energy source for charging station system, then, it's indispensable to find high-quality PV mounting and solar components.

Tesla, advocating green new energy, if it uses photovoltaic carport system to generate the energy for charging station, can fundamentally walk out of the traditional energy situation to achieve completely green.

The Photovoltaic carport not only provide shelter function, but also convert the sunlight into electrical energy in a limited space ,then providing charging by energy storage systems. That is what we call the escort for electric vehicle. The PV industry companies are all in hot pursuit of market demand and consistently continue to optimize the product, providing the most cost-effective carport system. As a leading solar photovoltaic companies, Antaisolar has always been at the forefront of product innovation, effectively following the technology trends, the carport system is a eye-catching one.

This Antaisolar carport system combines stylish and functionality, perfectly integrated with the city buildings. The module design can be use alone or multi-combination to achieve one-car or multi-car space. Long spans between foundations reduce cost and simplify the installation. This streamlined design making it ideal to present environmental friendly image and for electrical vehicle charging station.

With more affordable Tesla electric vehicle coming to market, how to ensure the driver can enjoy a free ride in the city, but also to experience the fun of long-distance driving, building charging stations is indispensable. Therefore, the PV carport needs more industry experts to explore optimization, then maximizing the application of clean energy.

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