Is the FusionStar Hybrid Solar Power System the Next Big Energy Breakthrough?

Bill Gates has said we need a miracle energy breakthrough. Bourne Energy, a west coast startup, known for its BackPack Power Plant, TidalStar and OceanStar power systems, has developed the FusionStar - a “dual-energy” clean power technology that could be that breakthrough.

Bill Gates has said we need a miracle energy breakthrough. Bourne Energy, a west coast startup, known for its BackPack Power Plant, TidalStar and OceanStar power systems, has developed the FusionStar - a "dual-energy" clean power technology that could be that breakthrough.

At first glance solar power seems to be taking over the world. Solar PV is getting cheaper and growing at double digit rates each year as large photovoltaic arrays spring up around the globe. But on the other hand solar power only produces about 1 percent of the world's electricity. Simply put - solar still has some hard economic obstacles to resolve before it can become a major global energy source. Solar panels must operate continuously, produce more power, and at a lower cost to scale up significantly. This would require approaching solar innovation in a radically new way.

Early solar panels powered small satellites where the sun was always available and energy consumption was low. But our planet is spinning and solar is only available about 20% of the time. And there are other times when it rains, or is overcast. The current solution to this problem is to use batteries or other forms of power storage and to build a smarter grid. Altogether these add-ons would more than double the cost of solar and radically increase its complexity pushing renewables further behind fossil fuels.

Bournes FusionStar system combines its award winning expertise in hydrokinetic (damless) technologies with marinized solar panels to create a floating hybrid power system. This unique power technology produces almost triple the power output of a comparable size solar panel while offering continuous power output. The low aspect, streamlined panels are designed to be moored in rivers, canals, tidal flows and aqueducts. Solar panels on the topside of the unit capture the suns power while micro-hydrokinetic turbines on the bottom harness hydropower from the passing current. Together they silently produce power without being interrupted by clouds, rain or nightfall.
This unique combination also boosts power output of both the solar and hydro components. The surrounding water is used to cool the PV panel increasing output by up to 10%. It is also used to spray dust and dirt off the surface of the PV panels which can rob up to 30% of the power. Further, this configuration eliminates the need for foundations and supports that make up as much as 40% of total PV systems costs. The floating platform also provides a strong, stable, cost-effective operating and maintenance foundation for the hydrokinetic turbine array. Onboard each panel power control electronics maximize the power handling and generation capabilities of both the hydrokinetic turbines and solar panels. And the manufacturing, transport and installation of one integrated system rather than two also saves in labor and materials. Finally, the units operate silently and offer very low visual impact while requiring no footprint on the ground or dam in the water.

FusionStar breaks through the intermittent, low energy barrier that has held back renewable energy for so long. The potential market for such a steady output, high performance renewable energy system stretches around the globe. It is particularly valuable for: baseline power for utilities; backup power for data centers and nuclear plants; baseline and backup power for IoT; as well as remote power charging stations for EVs and ROVs. This technology offers the world the opportunity to speed up its transition toward a zero-carbon economy.

About Bourne Energy
Bourne Energy, Inc. ("Bourne"), a renewable energy company, plans to commercialize its proprietary river, tidal, wave, hybrid, ocean current and energy recovery power technology over the next three years.
Company Description
Bourne Energy was founded in 2005 for the purpose of developing technology that generates carbon-free electricity from renewable power sources. Bourne has accomplished its mission by successfully developing several proprietary renewable power technologies and building an extensive portfolio of US and international patents.

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