Intersolar - Sollega Demonstrates FastRack510 Flat Roof Racking and New FastRack String Inverter Mount at Intersolar 2016!

The Sollega team will be available to meet with you and demonstrate the benefits of our FastRack 510 racking as well as discuss your specific project needs.

SAN FRANCISCO, July 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Sollega will exhibit at Intersolar North America the week of July 12-14, 2016. The conference will take place in the beautiful city of San Francisco. Be sure to stop by our booth #9252 and see our new string inverter mounting solutions as well as our FastRack510 ballasted flat roof PV racking.

Why come to see us?
North America's most attended solar event, Intersolar showcases the latest in solar technologies. The Sollega team will be available to meet with you and demonstrate the benefits of our FastRack 510 racking as well as discuss your specific project needs.

Our latest innovation? The Sollega FastRack Inverter Mount:

Sollega is proud to introduce our FastRack String Inverter Mount (FSIM). It can be adapted to mount most string inverters. Installing an inverter, combiner box or disconnect has never been so easy or quick. With ballast & mechanical attachment options, flexible Strut configuration and 20° tilt and optional shade cover, the FSIM fits every roof requirement.

Why FastRack510 should be seen at the show?

Founded in 2009, Sollega designs, tests and manufactures solar mounting solutions serving the US market. The FastRack510 patented, one-piece, injection molded solar racking system is designed for both commercial low-pitch roofs and ground mount installations. It is made from BASF Ultramid R Glass-filled Nylon, for strength and durability (25 year warranty) in a lightweight part. The glass-reinforced nylon with built-in UV inhibitor allows for each mount to hold over 200 times its own weight and retain its strength despite intense weathering over the lifetime of the product. It is also designed for simple assembly and disassembly and is 100% recyclable.

Commercial installers are very focused on soft costs so we designed the FR510 to simplify the installation process and meet strict new codes and flammability standards like UL 1703. The FR510 significantly cuts down installation costs and time with its universal one-piece, stackable design. It arrives at the project site fully assembled and accommodates all commercial PV modules at 5 or 10 degree tilt angles. Sollega racking systems are compatible with all common solar panels currently on the market.

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Featured Product

OMG Roofing Products  - PowerGrip Universal

OMG Roofing Products - PowerGrip Universal

Eliminate Solar Rack Ballast and Reduce Rooftop Material Handling. PowerGrip™ Universal (PGU) is a commercial roof mount system designed to secure solar racks and other equipment to any type of commercial roofing system. PGU provides a secure connection directly to the roof deck or structural members and is designed to reduce or eliminate ballast in solar racking systems, so there's less weight on the roof and less material handling. Made of heavy-duty cast aluminum, PGU units include a base ring which is secured through the roofing cover and into the structural roof deck, and a waterproof top plate.