Sun Bandit® Celebrates Certification of World’s First PV-Powered, Solar Water Heating Solution

Home builders, property owners and contractors are all fired up about Sun Bandit’s new breed of off-grid, PV-powered solar hybrid water heating. It's the first major industry innovation in over a century.

The innovators at Next Generation Energy (NGE) are celebrating the one-year anniversary of another solar milestone: it's Sun Bandit's certification as the world's first ICC-SRCC OG-100 solar thermal solution to include solar photovoltaics (PV). It's a designation that's spawned an entirely new category of solar water heating and energy storage - and the first major industry innovation in nearly a century.

"OG-100 certification paved the way for our OG-300 and Energy Star certifications, which highlight Sun Bandit's potential to deliver value off-grid, regardless of the incentive landscape," noted Next Generation Energy CEO David Kreutzman. "It provides a new, utility-independent revenue opportunity for PV installers and plumbing contractors. And it presents a paradigm shift in the way solar energy is captured, stored and used to heat water."
-New Revenue Options for Electricians, PV Installers and Plumbing Contractors-
Enthusiasm for the value proposition (and commensurate revenue opportunities) manifested in Sun Bandit's new off-grid PV-powered energy storage solutions are marshaling the attention of home builders; property owners; solar, electrical and plumbing contractors; regulators; government agencies and sustainably-inclined consumers across the globe.
This new, simplified solar water heating technology affords builders the opportunity to enhance their green inventory and attract sustainably-inclined tenants, empowers consumers to slash energy costs and live more sustainably and helps government cut costs while achieving important policy objectives in emissions reduction and sustainability.
ICC-SRCC OG-100 certification not only recognizes Sun Bandit's effectiveness in converting solar energy to water-heating thermal energy for commercial and personal use, it helps solar installers and their customers qualify for state and federal financial incentives and budget-friendly Energy Star program listings. ICC-SRCC is the International Code Council's Solar Rating & Certification Corporation. It's the only national certification program established solely for solar heating and cooling products. The International Code Council is a member-focused association dedicated to developing model codes and standards used in the design, build and compliance process to construct safe, sustainable, affordable and resilient structures. warns that traditional solar water heating systems require periodic inspections and routine maintenance to keep them operating efficiently. Sun Bandit's solar water heating solutions eliminate fluids, leaks, pump stations, overheating, stagnation, freezing and the complicated installation and maintenance issues that many perceive erode the value proposition of solar water heating and (along with plummeting PV prices and cheap natural gas) have inhibited widespread adoption of traditional mechanical solar water heating solutions.
Why does this matter? According to the Department of Energy, heating water is the second-largest energy expense in most households - and a big expense for governmental and many commercial interests.
"Incorporating a PV energy source into solar water heating overcomes a heap of problems that have plagued the solar water heating industry for decades," said Eric Carlson, Chief Innovation Officer of RevoluSun, one of the nation's top purveyors of advanced sustainable home technology.
"No one wants to leave money on the table. Sun Bandit's PV-powered solution eliminates many of the problems that inhibited our customers from adopting solar water heating solutions, freeing them to realize the energy savings solar can provide," Carlson continued. "It's a powerful antidote to perennial industry challenges involving price, performance, permitting and inconsistently-issued net metering perks across the US."
Sun Bandit is among the energy-saving solutions on display at RevoluSun's Honolulu-based Smart Home Innovation Center, designed to inspire architects, builders, property- and homeowners with ways to make homes more comfortable, cost-effective and energy independent, even in the wake of Hawaii's recent termination of net metering incentives.
-Money-Saving Off-Grid Solutions Regardless of the Incentive Landscape-
Sun Bandit's turnkey, off-grid solutions empower home builders, contractors, businesses and consumers to reap the benefits of solar energy regardless of net metering or other government incentives *and without utility approval*. And they're eligible for a variety of cash incentives and tax credits, depending on the jurisdiction.
Sun Bandit might be new to the solar scene, but it comes with a notable pedigree. Its parent company, renewable energy veteran Next Generation Energy (NGE), has been delivering innovative solar energy solutions for three decades. NGE's Sun Bandit is the manifestation of ongoing efforts to redefine solar water heating from ground zero to an eminently-marketable net zero.
About Next Generation Energy's Sun Bandit®: Sun Bandit is a trademark-registered, patented* product innovation of Colorado-based Next Generation Energy (NGE®), whose expertise in PV, solar thermal and off-grid system design and engineering have been delivering high-performing, money-saving renewable energy solutions to commercial, utility-scale, governmental, individual and multi-family housing interests for over 30 years. Learn more by calling 877-NGE-4SUN - or visit Find Sun Bandit at
*U.S. Patents 8,909,033; 8,977,117 and 9,002,185. Other patents pending.

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